3 Reasons You Need “Lantern” In Your Life

Lantern is a super high powered flashlight that can light up just about any space. The lantern can be easily light up a room, work well as a bike headlight, and then fit right in your pocket for easy portability. Lantern is designed to be military grade, so it is extremely durable and built to last. The following are a few reasons why everyone should have lantern in their … [Read more...]

Heading to Bike Week? Customize Your Steel Horse with These Motorcycle Tech Options

It’s Bike Week in New Hampshire, with many more to follow across the country. If you have a steel horse, now is the time to get some fantastic accessories to customize it and really strut your stuff. The following are a few awesome options that you can add to make your bike stand out from the crowd and make your Bike Week spectacular. Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle … [Read more...]

4 Medical Technologies That May Save Your Life

The Sidley Care The Sidley Care is a medical wearable that is primarily used across Europe at this point. The device goes beyond many of the wearables that are common right now, reading temperature, heart rate, atmospheric pressure, reminding patients to take medications, and detecting falls. The readings are immediately transmitted to a doctor’s tablet or smartphone so … [Read more...]