Make Your Food Into Art with a Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Cool Gadgets

Molecular gastronomy allows you to make just about any food into just about any form. Using science equipment like syringes and pipettes and food additives, you can form vegetables, fruits, meats, and even spices into foams, caviar-type balls, jello blocks, and spaghetti like strands in worlds of different colors. Of course, you can keep some food in its natural form, or you can go crazy and make it all look alien. Of course, it may take some dickering to get the flavors just right.

Experimenting with Caviar Balls

Caviar balls in different flavors are not completely foreign anymore – many frozen yogurt shops have boba juice balls or tapioca balls in different flavors to put on your frozen treat or in your bubble tea. By making your own concoctions at home, however, you can make your salad dressings into non-messy little caviar balls that are easy to transport, or decide to put just about any other flavor into a tiny and easy-to-handle capsule.

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