Best Woofer Under 5000 in India


In the most technical terms, woofers cover the lowest octaves of the frequency range in the loudspeaker system. In the most fun terms, it is the experience of unleashing that party animal in you when the beat drops. Woofers have become an essential part of the loudspeaker system. All our club nights have turned into these private house parties and dance nights, and a great sound system comes really handy in such situations. A woofer essentially adds life to the loudspeakers. It can help you get the vibrations of every low beat as you break a leg on the dance floor.

A great sound system does not have to be expensive. In fact, it can be as reasonable as INR 5000 when you are looking for one. Let us get to know the best woofer under 5000 available in the Indian Market:

  1. Sony SRS-XB13 Wireless Extra Bass Portable Compact Bluetooth speaker
  2. Panasonic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  3. BOAT Avante Bar 1250 80W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar
  4. Zebronics Bluetooth 4.1 speaker with FM, USB, SD Card Slot and Remote Indie
  5. Infinity (JBL) Octabass 210 Deep Bass 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker
  6. Philips Audio SPA8140B/94 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Best Woofer Under 5000

1. BOAT Avante Bar 1250 80W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar 

best woofer under 5000

The Boat Avante Bar soundbar has a connector type of Bluetooth, USB, AUX. It has flexible usage, You can connect your Televisions, smartphones, tablets. It has 2.1 channel captivating sound that gets you into an otherworld because its sound quality in addition to the visuals will be amazing this stylish Sound Bar. With a smooth finish, this device will surely add beauty to your home. You can control your playback easily with the help of the master remote control device. This versatile Avante Bar has the signature sound with the 40W R.M.S premium audio and it had a 40W subwoofer.

You can watch News, movies, music and 3D with the best sound without losing any background sounds and an amazing listening experience. The product dimensions of this soundbar are 86*7.8*7 cm, and it weighs about 4.3 kilograms which you can easily transfer to any place. The speaker connectivity is through the Micro USB. The mounting type of this device is floor standing. If you are a music lover and want to enjoy the best soundbar then it would be Boat Avante soundbar because it is an affordable product with high positive feedback of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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2. Zebronics Bluetooth 4.1 speaker with FM, USB, SD Card Slot and Remote Indie

best woofer under 5000

The Zebronics Bluetooth speaker has many pros because of its flexibility to be compatible with computers, televisions, smartphones, tablets. The connector type is Bluetooth, USB, AUX. These speakers have built-in FM and you can fully control the speaker using a remote control individual volume, bass and treble adjustment. It is a 4.1 channel wired speaker. There are no batteries included in this speaker. The dimensions of this product are 26*69.8*38.8cm. This speaker weighs about 10.6 kilograms. The sonorous sound coming from this speaker makes it very worth buying this product.

This gives the best output because of the components used in its internal construction.  If you are someone who loves the speaker with LED display lights then it’s the best choice. You can also use them for house parties, this home theatre will surely make your home a mini pub. The other best thing about this product is it is available at an affordable cost and has good feedback from our previous customers I.e., 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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3. Sony SRS-XB13 Wireless Extra Bass Portable Compact Bluetooth speaker

best woofer under 5000

This wireless Sony Bluetooth speaker gives you extra bass for deep sound. There is an extraordinary sound diffusion processor which will make the sound reach too far and wide. It is waterproof and dustproof, so there are no worries even if you have small kids in your house. There is a battery with an indicator that can give 16 hours of battery life. This is a very portable and handy device with a multiway strap included in it, which you can also carry easily to anywhere you want There is a built-in mic so wherever you are in your home or at the office this feature allows you to make hands-free calling directly with your portable speaker. Everything is one touch away similarly in just one tap you can enable Bluetooth pairing with your android devices.

This speaker is compatible with gaming consoles, computers, smartphones, tablets, DVD players, music players. It has a USB Type-C port. This is a 13 watts and small speaker with a bigger sound. The product dimensions are 8.7*8.7*11.2 centimetres and weigh only about 253 grams. This is a Bookshelf type speaker with a Lithium-ion battery. This is one of the best speakers available at this price.

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4. Philips Audio SPA8140B/94 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System 

best woofer under 5000

The 4.1 channel speaker is recommended to use for music players, DVD players etc. This is a remote-controlled speaker.  The sensitivity of this speaker is 84 dB and the frequency range is 20Hz to 20KHz which can give you an accurate and detailed sound output. The signal or noise ratio is greater than 60dB. The input sensitivity is 550mV so it allows every detail of the sound or music to your ears. The sound output is 38W which is a good amount so that the output is distortionless. It has an LED display which makes your speaker look cooler and fancy.

The bass of this product is so good that the sound cannot be distracted. The product dimensions are 35.7*23.7*54.7Cm and it weighs about 6kg 700g. This is a corded electric wall-mounted device with Bluetooth technology. This is a worth for money product and it has the best reviews from previous customers. So if you are planning for a house party or enjoy watching with good sound because this product offers excellent bass when operated with high sounds, then this qualified product is a perfect match for you.

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5. Infinity (JBL) Octabass 210 Deep Bass 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker 

best woofer under 5000

This Infinity bass sound speaker will surely deliver you the top quality sound because it has a triple equalizer and three preprogrammed modes for giving you the best outcome.  so if you are a music lover and can enjoy the music or else movies in the perfect sound then this will create the best ambience without losing any sound. There is Bluetooth connectivity with which you can pair any  Android device and convert your home to a party house.  The wooden cabinet subwoofer with a super big sub-roof woofer delivers you the real feel of the concert in your home.

You can control the speakers by remote and more with infrared multifunction remote. You can connect this speaker with any of your TV, desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth device that you have at your home and turn your house into a theatre. The subwoofer driver size is 6.5 inch and it is a wall-mountable speaker. The power consumption of this speaker is 100 watts and the output power is 12.5 watts in which the RMS value is 2 + 25 watts. The frequency response of this speaker is 140 to 20KHz and the signal to noise ratio is greater than or equal to 60 dB.

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6. Panasonic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

best woofer under 5000

The Panasonic Wireless Bluetooth dual speaker is compatible with any device like smartphones, tablets and music players. This is a 10 watts Bluetooth speaker which gives you the best sound output. It has six control buttons which you can operate according to your requirements. You can play it for up to 8 hours continuously with maximum volume. There is an LED indicator to indicate the charging. This is a portable device which you can carry anywhere you want and it only weighs about  405 grams.

The outer material is made of plastic and the mounting type of this Bluetooth speaker is a tabletop and it also has a self-timer. The dimensions of this product are 17.8*5.6*6.2Cm. It has the best rating in the market with 4.2 out of 5 stars. It only requires 30 minutes of charging. The sound quality is very good and it is friendly with watching anything you want at a high sound. When using this product, it changes the ambience of your house or office. So what are you waiting for? grab this amazing product at an affordable price now.

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These were the best woofers under INR 5000. You can match the features with your requirements to find the most compatible woofer for your loudspeaker system. If you have a more generous budget and you are looking to invest in a quality woofer, Sony and Panasonic are great options. If you are looking to find the best quality on a relatively tighter budget then BoAt Avante and Zebronics are great picks.

I hope this article helped you find your perfect woofer.

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