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6 Best 16 GB Memory Cards

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A memory card can store 8 GB to 512 GB of data. From mobile phones to digital cameras, memory cards are an important accessory to many digital devices. Memory cards, or SD cards, are used widely and are deemed a good investment for memory storage. Let us look at the most trusted 16 GB memory cards available in the market.

Best 16 GB Memory Cards

Here are the best 16 GB cards available in the market:

1) Samsung Memory Card (16 GB) Full HD Memory Card with Adapter(SG-MC-16)


best 16 gb memory card

This is a Micro SD card that can be best suitable for any device you insert. It has a hardware interference of MicroSDXC. This memory card is a digital speed association class 10 SD card. The main important terms of the SD would be the read and write speed to ensure its performance. Having the best write speed and read speed of 20x and 95 Megabytes Per Second respectively. It has high performance and speed with 100MB/s. It is best compatible with all the devices such as tablet PCs, mobile phones, Android tablets, smartphones.

This has quad proof protection which can protect itself from water, magnet, X-ray, temperature, because it is water-resistant, temperature resistant, magnet proof, and X-ray proof. This SD card also includes an adapter for better usage in cameras, desktops, laptops. This item only weighs about 100g. This is the best Mirco SD available at an affordable cost with good feedback from customers.

2) HP 16GB Class 10 Micro SD Memory Card (HP-MSDCWAU1-16GB)


best 16 gb memory card

This SD card is a class 10 speed secure digital association. It can be used with hardware interface USD. This is a memory card with an adapter. This is one of the best modes for storing for transferring your photos, music, documents, movies, etc because it has a write speed and read speed of a minimum of 30MB/s and 80 Megabytes Per Second respectively. This can be well compatible with all kinds of devices like mobile phones, the latest PCs, tablets, smartphones. The dimensions of the SD card are 1*15*11 mm and weighs about 0.5g. This is an HP company product and the country of origin is Taiwan. It has the best customer review. This is one of the nicest Micro SD available at an affordable cost.

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3) Strontium Nitro 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card( UHS-I U1) 

best 16 gb memeory card

The Strontium Micro SDHC flash memory type is class 10 specified SD card. The high transfer speed it obtains is about 85 megabytes per second so, the user can experience high-speed transfer execution without any delay, the micro SD card is also suitable for Android tablets, smartphones, drones, action cams, mobile phones, etc. When used for drones or cameras it gives the best and high-resolution photo and video. It is waterproof, X-ray proof, temperature proof, magnet proof. The best thing about this Micro SD card is it gives you the strontium lifetime limited warranty. So what’s more than a lifetime warranty, grab your SD card and enjoy its features. The country of origin of this flash memory in Taiwan. Another best thing about this lifetime warranted SD card is 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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 4) Sandisk U1 A 1 98Mbps Ultra MicroSDHC(Micro SD) Memory Card 

Sandisk U1 A 1 98Mbps Ultra MicroSDHC

The Sandisk flash type memory has a hardware interference of Micro SDHC and it is a Class 10 specified micro SD. This SD card is worth utilized when used in recording and viewing HD videos. It has a high transfer speed I.e., write speed and read speed are 30 Mbps and 98 megabytes per second respectively. This SD card is temperature proof, shockproof (because its surface is manufactured with non-metal), X-ray proof, waterproof, and magnet proof. It can be ideally suited and compatible with any type of device like android smartphones, tablets, PCs, desktops, cameras, mobile phones, etc.

The dimensions of the SD card are 1*15*11mm. This item only weighs about 10 grams. The Sandisk micro SD card has the best customer review with 4.3 out of 5 stars. So it is best recommended to grab this amazing SD card at an affordable price with nest features in it. The country of origin of this product in China. The best thing about this SD card is it has 10 years warranty, so you can use it without facing any difficulty in 10 years.

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5) Sandisk 16GB Ultra SDHC UHS-I Memory Card for Camera

best 16 gb memory card

This Sandisk Flash-type memory is a class 10 specified memory card. Its hardware interference is SDHC. You can transfer, store, capture pictures and videos of high resolution with the help of this SD card. The transfer rate of this Memory card is 48 megabytes per second. This memory card can withstand any type of harsh conditions like water, X-ray, high temperatures because of its rigidity. It can be compatible with any type of camera, digicam, etc. The dimensions of this product are 12*78*21 millimetres.

The power wattage of this memory card is 2 watts. No battery is included. The country of origin of this product in China. If you are a photographer looking for the best memory cards, this will undoubtedly be the best choice as it satisfies every basic requirement needed in a camera for high-resolution outputs at a very affordable cost. It also has the nicest customer review of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

6) ADATA V10 16GB Class 10 UHS-1 Micro SD Memory Card

ADATA V10 16GB Class 10

The A-Data micro SD is a flash-type memory with a hardware interface of micro SD. It is a class 10 SD card. With advanced and high write and read speeds of 100Mbps and 100Mbps respectively, it can transfer with an amazing speed, store your memories without losing the quality. This reliable SD card can also shoot high-quality, high-resolution photos and videos. This SD card is A1 rated so there is no worry about any of the issues with this SD card. The large files, music, videos, music can be transferred without any lagging. It has 4 proof of protection to protect this solid SD card from water, high temperature, and any other harsh conditions. So there is no need to worry about your data, which will be safe even if it goes through these difficult conditions.

The dimensions of this SD card are 11*15*1 millimetres. The memory card only weighs about 0.25grams. It is also compatible with devices like mobile phones, smartphones, Android tablets, PCs, desktops, etc. There are no batteries included in this product. This product also has good customer reviews. So, why late? Grab this amazing product at an affordable cost without wasting any of your valuable time.

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7) Toshiba Exceria 16GB SD UHS-I Memory Card (PFS016U- 1EUS)


best 16 gb memory card

The Toshiba company is well known for the reliability of its products. Similarly, the Toshiba Exceria is also one of the best SD cards to meet all the advanced requirements. The transfer, uploading, editing, storing of data is done at very high speeds, as speedread speed and write speed of the product are 95Mbps and 60Mbps respectively. This is a class 10 specified speed and it is a flash-type memory card. You can enjoy 4k video recording and playback as well as smooth photo editing because of its rapid speed data transfer performance.

You can also capture 3D, high-speed continuous shooting, continuous burst mode, multiple frames per second, and many more(which is not possible in any other cards available at this range). The warranty of this card is up to 5 years.  The best thing about this product is it has 5 out of 5 stars of customer reviews. So there is strong evidence you to buy this product which is available at an affordable cost. The dimensions of this product are 40*22*3 Millimeters and weigh about 9.07 grams.

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Memory cards are such an important accessory for any compatible device. Sandisk memory cards are something that I have personally used for years and put my trust in. They come with a warranty and have a promising quality. HP and Samsung are some other promising brands for memory cards. You can match the features of different memory cards to your requirements find the most compatible one for your purpose.

I hope this article helped you find the best memory card for your device.

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