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8 Best Hair Straightener in India 2021

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One moment you look homeless and the other moment a show stopper – I know you know this and I know it is always the hair. Hairstyling is something that all of us, as women, can vouch to be any outfit’s best accessory. Hair straightening has helped us elevate simple outfits for a long time now. It is about time you invest in a quality hair straightener that helps you look outstanding every day hassle-free. I can help you there. Over the years, I have used and discarded several hair straighteners and I have listed the 8 best hair straightener in India that you can lay your hands on.

Best Hair Straightener in India

Let us look at the eight best hair straighteners available in India in 2021.

1. PHILIPS HP8302 Selfie Straightener

best hair straightener in india

The one-stop solution and best fashion hack for your hair is the Philips HP8302 straightener which comes with all the exciting features. This straightener smoothens your hair at lesser temperatures yet with a reduction in friction and resulting in beautiful smooth hair. This straightener can be used by yourself by maintaining a styling temperature of 210°C. This straightener is designed with ceramic plates for ultra-smooth hair. This has an instant heat-up of 60 seconds so the time required to style your hair will be very quick.

The cord of the straightener is 1.6m long with high flexibility of usage. The straightener can be used worldwide I.e, it has the flexibility of usage anywhere in the world because it has a voltage range of 110v to 240v. There is also a LED indicator for the identification of power connected.  This comes with a 2-year warranty.

2. PHILIPS Bhs378/10 Kerashine Straightener 

best hair straightener in india

Worrying if your hair is damaged or frizzy and looking for the best straightener then this is the best choice you can have. This straightener works for all types of, especially damaged hair. It has keratin ceramic plates for smooth gliding and resulting shiny smooth hair. It is very flexible in varying temperatures because it has 6 led temperature indications between 160°c to 230°c. This gives the super instant heating of 30 sec.

It has advanced technology of circulating heat evenly across the plates, this prevents uneven heating and damaging of hair. This has 100mm long plates. This straightener weighs about 9kg. This has the best customer review of 4.4 on 5. This looks very aesthetic and durable. This is a high value-for-money product. The product dimensions are 5.4 x 34.6 x 9 cm.

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3. Havells HS4101

Havells HS4101

The Havells HS4101 straightener has ceramic plates which can glide through any type of hair resulting in shiny silky hair. Hair curling can also be done by twisting the hair strands using curved edges. This straightener comes with the plates lock system which enables the plates to slide to lock while not in use. You can lock the plates by sliding the button in the upward direction and unlock the plates by sliding the button in the downward direction. This is an everyday go-to hair straightener because it has instant heating of 45sec and an optimum styling temperature of 210°c. This has an 18m long power cord.

You can get voluminous hair by brushing your hair after straightening. This straightener has an advanced PTC heating element for uniform distribution on heat through plates. This product comes with a manual so no worries even if you are a beginner in styling your hair.

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4. PHILIPS BHH777/20 Tulip Starter

PHILIPS BHH777/20 Tulip Starter

This straightener creates you to smoothen and stylish hair by creating loose waves. This is a low-risk and highly reliable device that allows you to make your hair more stylish. The unique construction of the straightener in tulip shape allows you to use a blend of amazing styles of hair. It has styling plates that are infused with keratin with a wide range of temperatures that gives you a professional outlook. It also has an automatic clip to loosen the waves. It has a slim handle in small size for protection against any burns. It has instant heating of 30sec.

It has a professional styling temperature of 200°c. It has a year global guarantee. The product dimensions are 32*8*10cm. You can carry this straightener anywhere you want because it weighs only 400grams. This can be used for thick hair as well but when strengthening use more partitions of hair.


best hair straightener in India

For thick and long hair Philips HS4121 is the best choice as this has wide plates. The plates are coated with ceramic so your hair will smoothly glide and gives you a professional look. The 40*100mm floating plates coated with ceramic helps you to straighten more hair at once and adjusts individual hair strands which also helps you in saving your time. The straightener has control buttons of temperature increase and decrease of 5 buttons from 150°c to 230°c  and a power button to starting and ending the operation of the straightener.

The interesting feature of this straightener is it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes when not in use for safety and saving energy. The plate automatically locks itself when not in use for maximum safety. The straightener has 60-sec instant heating. It has a 1.8m power cord. This straightener has a unique outlook that looks stylish wherever you carry it. So it is worth buying for valued money.

6. VEGA Keratin Glow Hair Straightener (VHSH-21)

best hair straightener in India

THE VEGA VHSH-21 comes with keratin-infused and ceramic coated plates. This makes your hair super straight and shiny. The plates are floating which can glide through your hair softly without any damage to your hair. The straightener allows you to audit the temperature by a temperature setting for 130°c to 230°c. The plate size is 110mm*25mm. The long plates of this straightener are floating so without any tight pulling or tangling of your hair the plate will close smoothly by avoiding any damage.

The straightened has a digital temperature display to set the correct temperature according to your need and hair type. The cord is a 360° adjustable swivel cord that can move and rotate according to the position of the straightener. The straightener locks itself when in storage or not in use. The straightener heats up in just 60-sec saving you valuable time. The appliance can be used anywhere in the world because it is rated between 110v to 240v.

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best hair straightener in india

The advanced ceramic straightener is best used for curling and straightening in a very easier way because this straightener has ceramic plates with floating and nano titanium technology for easy going and smoothing of your hair. This straightener also eliminates the fizzing of your hair. It has PTC and dual ceramic heaters for instant heat-up and recovery. This has bevelled edges for straightening, styling, and adding volume to your hair. It has a led for indication of power on and off. The temperature ranges from 150°c to 230°c.

After every one hour of not usage of straightened the device turns off itself for better energy saving. The power cord is 9ft and it has a 360° tangle-free cord. The customer reviews are best for this product I.e., 4.5 out of 5. The product dimensions are ‎6 x 5 x 38cm and it weighs about 1.5 Kilograms. This is a worthy product you can buy at this cost.

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8. SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

best hair straightener in india

This super glam Syska hair straightener has a stylish outlook. It can turn your frizzy hair into a smooth silky and shiny one. The straightener has auto-off after every one hour. It also has a heat turn-off protection so there is no need to worry about any electric shocks. It has plates made of ceramic coating which can smoothly glide through your hair. It has a PTC  heater to uniformly spread the heat throughout the plates so that you can avoid the uneven straightening of hair. It has a thin and shiny finish which can look stylish where ever you carry it.

It is very durable and handy so you can carry it anywhere you want. It has ceramic-coated plates to cool down itself. It has a lockable handle and a simple push button to on and off. It has a 360° swivel cord and prevents tangles. It has a 2-year warranty and this product is made in Korea using the latest technologies.

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Hair Straighteners can elevate your style considerable which is why a good hair straightener can do wonders for you. I personally have been using Philips for a long time now and I can vouch for the quality and durability. The great thing about Philips products is that you buy them once and then you are sorted for the next five years at least. So, it is more like an investment. Other than Philips, Vega is another brand that has very reasonable pricing but may not be as durable in the long run.

If you are looking to invest in good products, Philips is the way to go. One pro tip – you might want to buy only the well-rated Philips products. Philips straighteners that are on the lower end may not be the best for the long term in terms of performance. Hope these tips helped you find the perfect straightener for your hair.

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