The Ultimate in Sterile Door Handle Technology

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Germs are literally everywhere and try as we might cleaning everything thing we touch is next to impossible. We can sterilize surfaces and anything that touches our consumables but there are still many things we miss. One of those things that often slips through the gaps are door handles. Often we forget how easy it is to transfer germs to a door handle and subsequently pick up germs from a handle.

Well, now there is a really clever type of handle that will sterilize itself constantly while not in use. This smart handle is constantly being sterilized using UV light while it is in the door closed position and the light turns off when you pull the handle. It really is that simple. How does light kill germs? Well, to put it simply if you focus UV light at a short enough wavelength it will kill microorganisms. What it does is break down the molecular bonds of the microorganisms. It is an intensified form of the process that causes sunburns on human skin. The wavelength of natural UV light is much longer which is why sunlight does’t sterilize things but you can shorten the wavelength of UV to create a sterilizing effect and it is this that is used in these clever new handles.

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