Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 2000 in India in 2020


Bluetooth speakers have become a part of a trend in the modern era. Everybody has a Bluetooth speaker. No matter if you want to go camping, go to a beach, or just chill outside with your friends, you will need one.

However, buying the right one might not always be the easiest thing to do. After you buy and use it for some time, you might notice some flaws that you didn’t think about. That’s why we have prepared this buying guide for you. We have significantly simplified the buying process so that you can choose the right speaker that will suit you best.

Before we begin, we should mention the best two speakers that you should definitely check out. These are Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum 4.2 Stereo Speaker and Boat Stone 200. Both of these offer great functionality, they look nice and, of course, they cost less than 2000 rupees.

After almost 120 hours of testing, we have listed the best 5 Bluetooth speakers for you. There are a few criteria that we considered while testing, and a few things that you should have in mind while buying. We will mention all of that in this article, so be sure to read it to the end.

SpeakerWattageBatterySound QualityBuilt-in MicrophoneWaterproofDust-proofRadioSD Card SlotUSB ChargingFinal Rating
Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum10 W1800 mAh5/5YesYesYesYesYesYes10/10
Boat Stone 2003 W1500 mAh5/5YesYesYesNoNoYes9.5/10
Sound One Shell5 W1200 mAh4/5YesYesYesNoYesYes9.5/10
JBL GO Portable3 W600 mAh4/5YesNoNoNoNoYes9/10
Philips BT64B3 WAround 4 hours3.5/5YesNoNoYesYesYes8.5/10
Photron P103 W400 mAh3.5/5YesNoNoYesYesYes8.5/10
Juarez JAB7005 W1200 mAh3.5/5YesNoNoNoYesYes8.5/10

What features did we test?

As mentioned, we have tested all the speakers according to certain criteria. So, what makes the speaker good and worth the money?

Audio Decoder

The only thing that is directly responsible for the audio quality is the audio decoder. It’s a chip inside the speaker that plays a vital role in wireless technology, especially because you don’t get the sound directly from the device, but from a remote device (such as your mobile phone). Before buying a speaker, make sure to look at the decoding chip’s manufacturer.


Of course, since the speaker is portable, you want it to be as light as possible. Although it might not sound like a problem now, you will regret buying a too bulky speaker after a few days. However, if the speaker is too light, it can mean that the battery is small and has a short life. In this article, we have mentioned speakers with the optimal weight, and all of them are under a kilogram.

Battery Life

Nobody likes to see a low-battery indicator while in the middle of music-caused dopamine high. That’s why you should look for a battery that can last around 8 hours.

Wireless Technology

Since headphones jacks and cables are slowly disappearing in the modern era, a high-quality and reliable Wireless connection is a must. You might also be interested in a Bluetooth 5.0 that can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. It’s awesome!

Smart Technology

Okay, this is not mandatory. Smart Technology can cost a bit more, and not all of the speakers with that technology are portable. However, if you find one, you can’t go wrong by buying it.

Top 7 Bluetooth Speakers in India Under Rs. 2000

#1 Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum 4.2 Stereo Speaker

Wattage: 10W | Battery: 1800 mAh| Built-in Microphone: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes | Radio: Yes | SD Card: Yes | USB Charging: Yes | Sub-woofer: Yes

+ Excellent bass and treble

+ Bluetooth 4.2 version

+ Three beautiful colors to choose from

− Water-resistance is limited



Let’s start with the one that we already mentioned, and that is among the best that you can find. After extensive testing, we can confirm that Portronics POR-871 is far above its price. The truth is, it’s better even than some of the more expensive speakers, from a much higher price range.

The first thing that we like about this speaker is that it has Bluetooth 4.2 version. It offers a high Bluetooth range of over 10 meters and is 250% faster and more secure than most of the other, similar speakers.

It also has a powerful 10W speakers with wonderful amplifiers. You will notice that it’s not only loud but provides a very sharp, high-quality sound. Both the bass and treble are excellent. However, we all know that playing loud music will consume the battery faster. That’s why this speaker has a built-in battery of amazing 1800 mAh that allows you to listen to your favorite music for a pretty decent time. It also takes around an hour and a half to fully charge. Also, we should mention that the speaker comes with a built-in FM, so you can even listen to your favorite radio if you haven’t got any music with you.

Portronics POR-871 is also water-resistant. However, don’t take it for granted; most of the water-resistant speakers can survive a splash or light rain, but it’s not recommended that you constantly pour too much water on them. For example, using them in a pool might be too risky, however, it’s always better to contact the manufacturer directly.

This speaker is being sold in three pretty nice colors, Black, Blue, and Grey, with the Blue costing slightly more than the other two. However, they only differ by color, and all of the three have nice, big buttons, which significantly improve the simplicity of usage.

Portronics POR-871 costs more than all the others on our list, but of course, still under 2000 Rupees. If you want to get the best that you can for the price, this speaker is the best choice.

#2 Boat Stone 200 Bluetooth Speaker

Wattage: 3W | Battery: 1500 mAh| Built-in Microphone: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes | Radio: No | SD Card: No | USB Charging: Yes | Sub-woofer: Yes

+ Crystal sound with intense bass

+ 10 hours of usage at 50% volume

+ Excellent rubber protection

− Takes long to fully charge



We already mentioned this speaker in the intro, and we have to mention it again. It’s a great, on-the-budget speaker, which is definitely worth the money. This speaker is exactly what you should be searching for if you are an outdoors type of person.

The body of the speaker is constructed from a very strong and solid rubber finish, which makes it shockproof and acts as a protection from dust and water. You can use it when camping, cycling, drifting or even swimming. It has excellent protection and is built to endure. Besides, the speaker is very small and convenient, which makes it easy to carry everywhere you go.

When we tested the speaker, it surprised us with the balance of extremely crystal sound, and yet, robust bass. In addition to that, the speaker can go pretty loud while maintaining bass quality. It makes this small device a real beast among all the Bluetooth speakers in a similar and even higher price range.

Boat Stone 200 has a 1500mAh battery which takes about two and a half hours to fully charge. However, despite its loud output, you can actively listen to music for up to 7 hours if the battery is charged.

There are only two downsides to this speaker. At first, Next, Previous, and Pause buttons are not present. Also, there are no slots for SD card or USB. However, if you don’t find it to be a problem for you, this speaker can be a great choice.

#3 Sound One Shell 5W

Wattage: 5W | Battery: 1200 mAh| Built-in Microphone: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes| Radio: No | SD Card: Yes | USB Charging: Yes | Sub-woofer: Yes

+ Bluetooth 5.0 version

+ Compact, ultra-light design

− Not ideal for parties



The first thing that we should mention about this device is that it has a 5.0 Bluetooth version. It provides a perfect transmission technology for stable audio performance and excellent connectivity. Besides, it’s waterproof and shockproof, meaning that you can carry it when you go swimming, camping, cycling, or anything else.

It has a very durable silicon housing and a rubber finish, which guarantees for its longevity and protects it from dust and particles. Besides, the speaker has a 1200 mAh battery so that you can enjoy your favorite music for up to 5-7 hours on a medium volume.

As we could notice while testing, the sound is extremely crystal and the speaker also has amazing bass. Even when you turn it up to the maximum, you will rarely notice any sound distortion or clipping. Also, the speaker is pretty affordable, and with all of its qualities, it’s a great choice for outdoor use.

However, if you are looking for a real party beast, then this speaker is not for you. Although it provides an excellent sound, it’s not loud enough to fill a big room, or cover up noises from outdoors in big areas. If you don’t find it to be a problem, be sure to check it out!

#4 JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wattage: 3W | Battery: 600 mAh| Built-in Microphone: Yes | Water Resistance: No | Radio: No | SD Card: No | USB Charging: Yes | Sub-woofer: Yes

+ JBL Signature Sound

+ 7 beautiful colors to choose from

+ Very loud, yet crystal

− You have to use the phone to skip tracks



If you have ever done a bit of research on Bluetooth speakers, you must have heard of the term JBL. It’s a famous American company that manufactures various audio equipment and is owned by a Samsung Electronics’ subsidiary, Harman International Industries. The name of the company itself already guarantees high-quality and brings trust and confidence among users.

The speaker comes with a JBL Signature Sound, which is proven to provide loud, yet high-quality sound output. The company managed to achieve a tough task of ensuring perfect harmony between sound, portability, and design.

JBL devices have a very specific, recognizable design. Unlike most of the other speakers, with some “high-tech”, futuristic design, devices made by JBL are based on minimalism. JBL GO has a plain, boxy design, and you can buy it in 7 different colors, which doesn’t affect the price. It’s made of high-quality materials and there is a rubber finish on all edges and on the rear side, to make it stronger and more endurable. The buttons, which are on the top side, are the same color as the body, which makes them invisible in the dark. However, they are slightly raised up, so you can easily find the right button without looking at the device.

But let’s talk a bit about the performance that this speaker provides. To properly test the performance, we have played a few different songs on this speaker to notice any difference in the output quality.

The first and the only problem that we faced is when we played Jai Paul’s Jasmine. Thanks to the lack of sub-bass sounds, the song sounded a bit hollow and empty. If you want to listen to similar new wave artists, then this speaker might not be the best option for you.

However, after playing Avicii’s The Night, we noticed that the highs, bass, and mids sounds above 180Hz are very, very detailed. The speaker easily filled the room of 200 square feet, and there was even a bit more power to spare.

In the end, we tested a song that most speakers of this size can’t produce properly. It’s Do I Wanna Know, by Arctic Monkeys. Especially at the end of the song, where a lot of instruments are played at the same time. However, we were amazed by the quality that JBL GO provided since all the instruments were very audible and the song sounded extremely good!

JBL GO is a great choice if you are looking for a speaker to enhance your laptop sound. It’s also good for watching movies, and if you neglect the relatively short battery life of fewer than 5 hours, it is a great speaker to check out.

#5 Philips BT64B Portable

Wattage: 3W | Battery: 4 hours| Built-in Microphone: Yes | Water Resistance: No | Radio: Yes| SD Card: Yes| USB Charging: Yes | Sub-woofer: Yes

+ Excellent quality for the money

+ Very easy and simple to use

− Battery life could be better



Another great Bluetooth speaker, made by Philips. In some way, it’s similar to the popular BT50B, but still, there are differences. The main and obvious difference is in the design. Unlike BT50B, this one has a more minimalistic, boxy design.

At first, let’s mention that the sound quality is pretty decent. It’s not the best that you can find, but both the bass and the treble are pretty decent for every music genre. On the other hand, when it comes to watching movies, this speaker is amazing! The speaker also has a built-in microphone so that you can easily take phone calls on the go, with just one click. It has an LED indicator that shows yellow for charging, blue for Bluetooth mode, and green for AUX mode.

The battery life is average, and it greatly depends on the volume level and strength of the Bluetooth connection. However, the speaker is definitely not for long outdoor parties. On the other hand, if you want to enhance your laptop sound and keep the speaker on the charger most of the time, it’s an excellent, affordable solution for you.

#6 Photron P10 3W Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker

Wattage: 3W | Battery: 400 mAh| Built-in Microphone: Yes | Water Resistance: No | Radio: Yes | SD Card: Yes | USB Charging: Yes | Sub-woofer: Yes

+ Cheap, yet a pretty decent solution

+ Very good sound for 3W

− Not ideal for big rooms



A pretty decent speaker made by Photron. The truth is, it’s definitely not the best on the list. However, it is very cheap and if you are looking for an on-the-budget solution, we strongly advise you to check out this one.

At first, it has a pretty decent sound quality and a very good bass. It’s not only loud, but the quality is satisfying, too. The speaker operates without a problem in the radius of 10 meters, and you can also answer the calls via the built-in microphone.

A nice thing about this speaker is that it’s very convenient, lightweight, and simple to use. For example, when you plug in the SD card, you don’t have to click the Mode button; the speaker will automatically recognize the card and start playing. It also comes with an Aux-in connection and a speakerphone with an echo and noise cancellation.

The only thing that we don’t like about this speaker is relatively short battery life. With 400 mAh that the battery has, you can actively listen to music just a little over 3 hours. Therefore, if you plan to have a whole night party outside, this speaker might not be the best solution. On the other hand, it’s perfect for chilling with friends and having a few drinks outside.

All in all, if you are looking for a cheap solution, with good sound quality but not that good battery life, Photron P10 is your best choice. Be sure to check it out!

#7 Juarez JAB700 Super Bass Mini CNC Aluminium Bluetooth Speaker

Wattage: 5W | Battery: 1200 mAh| Built-in Microphone: Yes | Water Resistance: No | Radio: No | SD Card: Yes | USB Charging: Yes | Sub-woofer: Yes

+ Very compact design

+ Excellent battery for that price range

− Only one color available



In the end, let’s mention another on-the-budget solution, Juarez JAB700. It’s costs even less than the previous one, and having the price in mind, we are very satisfied with the sound it provides. It has a unique enhanced bass, and a sound quality superior to all of the similar speakers. The speaker has a built-in microphone, and in case you don’t have any Bluetooth device nearby, you can use it via the 3.5 mm audio jack.

A great thing about this speaker is its battery life. It literally has a bigger and better battery than most of the speakers in that price range. The battery has 1200mAh and will provide you with a few hours of your favorite music if you don’t turn the volume to the max all the time. It has a 4.2 Bluetooth technology and works great if the device is within a radius of 10 meters.

It has the buttons on the bottom and you can very easily access them even in the dark. However, the only thing that we didn’t like about this speaker is that it’s sold in only one color. In case you don’t like the dark design at all, you might want to look for some other speakers.

In short, if you are looking for the best money and quality ratio, this speaker is the right choice. It’s not the best among the listed speakers but will provide you the best quality for the lowest money. A perfect choice for everyone looking to get awesome sound quality and battery life, for a low price.


Buying Guide

So, let’s say that you have checked all the speakers from the list, but still, you want to do a bit of your own research. Or maybe none of these suits your needs and you want to find the right one for you? It’s completely okay.

However, before you buy a Bluetooth speaker, there are some things that you should have in mind. These are tips and tricks that will save you time and money in the long term, and pieces of advice on what you should look for in a speaker. We talked a little bit about that at the beginning of the article, but now, we will dive into the details. If you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker on your own, be sure to read this buying guide since it will surely help you out.


Most probably, you think that all Bluetooth speakers are portable – however, they are not. In some cases, the manufacturer wouldn’t even state that speakers are not portable, which can lead to misunderstanding. Some speakers are even designed to support PC’s and home theaters but have to be attached to a power outlet to be used. Don’t get confused about that. Every good Bluetooth speaker should have a built-in battery so that you won’t depend on the power source while outside.

Choosing the Right Size

Size does matter – especially when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. If you want to use your speaker outdoors, it has to be small and wireless. The size should be so to accommodate your outdoor activities, so you should look for a tiny, lightweight, and yet powerful unit. If you are buying online, the speaker size can often seem to be different than it is in reality. Therefore, be sure to check the exact dimensions before buying.

Always Check Audio Quality of the Speaker

Of course, when it comes to the speaker, audio quality is definitely the first, most important thing to check. But how can you test the audio quality if you are buying online? Even when buying directly from the store, the salesman might not allow you to test the speaker. Don’t worry – there are a few things that directly tell about the audio/sound quality.

One of the first parameters to check is the output power, measured in Watts. It refers to the watts that the speaker emits and is very closely related to the sound pressure in decibels. For example, between 15 and 20 Watts should be enough to produce 80 dB, which is more than enough for listening to music outdoors. Also, keep in mind that you will never use the speaker to its full power since in most cases, it will cause distortions. The rule of a thumb is that if you want to get the loudest, yet clear sound, you should use the speaker up to 80% of its power.

Another thing that directly affects the audio quality is the range of frequencies. The audible spectrum that can be perceived by a human ear ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Therefore, if the speaker is not capable of emitting in the entire range, there will be sounds that we will miss. It will directly affect the quality of sound that we will hear.

The next thing to consider is the type of sound system that a speaker has. Basically, each sound system consists of a certain number of “channels”. Each of these channels emits the sound independently. For example, you might have heard of 5.1, which means that there are five speaker channels and bass (or subwoofer). Most of the Bluetooth speakers have a 2.0 system, and those that have 2.1 usually have the best sound.

In the end, we should mention impedance. It’s the resistance measured in Ohms. In short, the higher the resistance, the lower the power that the speaker emits. Therefore, the lower impedance is, the better sound quality you will get.

About Connectivity

Since you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, it’s mandatory that it can use a Bluetooth connection. However, have you maybe tried NFC? It makes the connection process much simpler. If your speaker and your phone both have NFC, all you have to do it put them close to each other and keep them there for a second or two. No need for clicking, tapping, or anything similar. Once they are connected, you can use the device in a certain range, usually around 10 meters for the optimal sound. JBL Pulse is a great example of that, although it costs a bit more.

On the other hand, if you want to connect to a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, you should be able to use AUX cable. Besides, having an SD Card port can be very useful in some cases.

Handsfree Feature

So, imagine you are listening to music on your speaker, and suddenly, you receive a call. If your speaker has a built-in microphone, you don’t have to take your phone. You simply press the button on the speaker, and music automatically stops, allowing you to talk. When the talk is over, the music will usually automatically continue. It’s as simple as that!

However, if the speaker doesn’t have a built-in microphone, you will have to reach for your phone, stop the music, and then talk. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but after you receive a few calls on a speaker with a microphone, you will notice how simple and smooth it is.

The Ability to Connect Multiple Speakers

Okay, this ability is not considered as a default. Actually, very few Bluetooth speakers have it, since it’s much more common among Wi-Fi home speakers. For example, if you want to watch a movie, a single speaker might not do the job. Most probably, you would like to be surrounded by a few speakers that emit the sound independently. That’s why some of the Bluetooth speakers have the application that allows that feature. However, in most cases, all the speakers will have to be the same model, or at least, made by the same manufacturer.

A Speaker Should Have Simple Controls

This is the thing that you should definitely pay attention to. The fact is, we are always in a hurry. Our daily activities make us do all the things as quickly as possible, and usually, we have little time for ourselves. Therefore, your speaker should be as easier to manage, as possible. You don’t want to spend your day reading the instructions and programming the speaker. Simply turn on the speaker, sit back, and enjoy.

The speaker should have only a few control buttons to perform all the functions. A power button, play/pause button, volume control, and two buttons to answer the phone and pair a Bluetooth device. If the speaker has more buttons than that, things can get a lot more complicated.

Buy Smart and According to Your Needs

Before investing your money in buying a speaker, you should think about what exactly do you need it for. Maybe you need it for some wild outdoor parties, or you just need it to be waterproof in the first place. The fact is, there are different models for different purposes.

If you are going to use your speaker mainly outdoors, you should choose the one with enough output power. Since you want to hear it clearly in noisy environments, the speaker should be able to produce at least 85 decibels with 80% of its power. Remember that we talked about how using the speaker to its max, usually above 80%, might produce distortions and bad sound quality.

Also, if you want to use the speaker outdoors, you should pay attention to battery life. It should be able to endure at least 6-7 hours of constant use. Besides that, if the speaker is a bit bulkier, it should have a handle so that you can carry it with ease. Some speakers also have a specific hook that allows you to mount them on a bicycle handlebar. It can be quite useful for long bicycle rides.

The durability of the Speaker

Of course, it’s very important that buying a Bluetooth speaker turns out to be a good investment. You don’t want to give a bunch of money and get a speaker that will work for a few months. For example, if you often drop things, make sure to get a speaker that can withstand the blows. Speakers covered by aluminum housings are a much better option than the ones covered by plastic. Also, before buying a product, make sure to read user reviews!


  • How are Bluetooth speakers different from Wi-Fi speakers?
    • If you did any research on portable speakers, you must have heard of Wi-Fi speakers. However, they are significantly different from Bluetooth speakers. At first, unlike Wi-Fi speakers, Bluetooth speakers are not limited to a particular spot. You can use them wherever you go, as long as you bring your mobile phone with you. Also, Wi-Fi speakers require WiFi connectivity as a bridge between the speaker and the phone. With Bluetooth speakers, the connection between the speaker and the phone is direct.
  • What is a Form factor?
    • It’s an important design element that you should consider when buying a speaker. It represents the speaker’s physical dimensions and usually forms into two categories – ultra-portable and semi-portable speakers. The first ones can easily fit in the pocket, while the other ones are usually the size of a breadbox.
  • Should I consider the wattage of the speaker?
    • If you want to play music loudly, you should. Wattage directly affects the output power of the speaker, but usually, with more wattage comes the higher price. However, more wattage consumes the battery faster, so you should also pay attention to the battery capacity when buying a high-wattage Bluetooth speaker.

A Few Words in the End

So, we have come to the end of this guide. If you have read the entire article, you will find it a lot easier to buy the right Bluetooth speaker to suit your needs. All of the speakers from the list costs under 2000 Rupees, and you can’t go wrong by buying any of these. If you have any questions on the topic, please let us know in the comments section below…

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