Top Technology Developments to Witness in 2020

Top Technology Developments to Witness in 2020

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The incubation of technology sector is growing with leaps and bounds. With the rise of the 21st century, the elevation of gadgets, social media apps, tech-savvy software and many more is creating history on global terms. The year, 2020 has the zest to offer the latest technological trends to follow.

Most recent developments in the field of technology

Synthetic Media

The most powerful tech trends evolved in the decade are meeting success from all spheres. Nailing it right from ‘Synthetic media’ to ‘Silicon Valley’ modulations, there has been no full stop for helping humans to grow technically. With the use of synthetic media, you can actually visualize computer-oriented or generated news reporters and anchors. The level of creativity is par amounting to global merchandise.

Top Technology Developments to Witness in 2020



The second trending box of the year runs on robots. Since the introduction of robotics into the human era, pretty use of it has been in practice in restaurants, hotels, offices and the list goes on. Until the cloud robotics dropped in. these form of robots are active in the online sector. The aim is to generate robots that can apprehend and see this world, hear, touch and understand the creative universe in the vicinity. Led substantially by the Researchers of Stanford and Cornell Universities forming the Ivy League, have come out with a ‘Robo Brain’.


The third in the list form the editing of DNA from the defective bodies of babies. History is in the record where for the first time, using the gene-editing technology, the genomes of the babies could be altered. Gene-editing is an initiative for editing stem cells and inheriting sickle cell anaemia.

Begin to see the world through the eyes of tech trends

Biological robots or living-like machines known as xenobiotics are taking the plunge of robotics industry right now. Apart from it, Silicon Valley is trying to remove carbon from the atmosphere wholly. To protect the climate, it is essential to delete the carbon footprints from the realms of the world. Using modern technological techniques, Microsoft is burning trees to generate electricity and then burying the carbon remaining underground.

Top Technology Developments to Witness in 2020
Top Technology Developments to Witness in 2020


Next to it, exfoliation of Artificial Intelligence psychiatrist is going to treat the patients with acute mental concerns. MindLAMP is an absolute unbeatable project that can actually monitor psychological tests. What can be more valuable for mankind when scientists have the intelligence to set foot on the Moon or mars? One of the peculiar transitions that will take place on the Moon by the year 2028 or on Mars by 2037 will be setting foot.

Summing Up

Right from the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway to personal privacy techniques companies like Apple, Uber or Microsoft are leaving no stones unturned for the generations to come. The advent of 5 G networks or underground cities, extraterrestrial life or quantum computers, there is no technology left for a few years to surprise the geek researchers. So, the technological trends mentioned hereinabove will now somehow save us from the major discrepancies that can arise in the coming years.

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