Samsung New Technology: Live TV on Your Cellphone at 170 Miles per Hour

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Samsung now has a way of delivering video and even live TV to on-the-go gadget-aholics: cellphones that get digital signals from local TV broadcasters. Cellphones with the new technology implemented will basically become portable
television sets that will have the same reception as TVs with antennas.

The technology will require that broadcasters transmit separate beams to gadgets with the new Samsung chipset installed, but Samsung explains it has addressed this minor issue and is working closely with broadcasters. As it is, the technology seems to have such huge potential that it’s likely broadcasters will want in. The chipset is set also to be available for the next generation of laptops, in-vehicle TV sets, digital video players, etc., which may add new meaning to portable TV.

Samsung explains that this new TV technology is much more powerful that previous attempts at wireless video. Some cool features: channel changing will be almost instantaneous, and reception won’t be affected even when traveling up to 170 miles per hour. John Godfrey, a spokesman for Samsung, explains, “Consumers can…take it with them on the train or in a car.”

Samsung has all sorts of potential business models in the works with local broadcasters ranging from free ad-supported services for those who buy a handset or laptop to offering the TV service for a monthly fee. Another idea is to develop programming exclusively for people on the go.

The new Samsung technology is called Advanced-Vestigial Side-Band and can use TV broadcasters’ existing infrastructures. So basically, a TV station needs only minor modifications to its transmitters with some additional equipment, which is estimated to cost in the tens of thousands of dollars range.

Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) for more details.

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