Food Processor or Mixer Grinder: Which One to Buy?

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Food Processor VS Mixer Grinder: What to buy?

Imagine you are planning to buy a mixer for making your kitchen work easy. So you think you will go to the store or look online for mixers, right? Nope! That’s not the case nowadays! The kitchen equipment now is advanced and come in so many varieties. It is difficult to understand which piece of kitchen equipment is used for what. There are so many electric appliances to choose from and too little time on our hands. Some of the most common and similar kitchen appliances are Food Processors, Mixer Grinders, Blenders, Hand Blenders, Whiskers, and so many more. When you surf the web to get a mixer for your kitchen, you will be astonished and confused by the results you will see.

Because even when you go to a shop or look online, there will be one final choice you will have to make. Whether to buy a food processor or mixer grinder? Believe it or not, you are not alone in this. Some so many people are confused about how these two are different and which one should they buy.

But you want to buy a mixer, right? Are you sure of that? And that will lead you to think that a food processor is any different from a mixer grinder. Well, let me enlighten you with the functions of these two devices and the differences between them. 

What is a Mixer Grinder? 

A mixer grinder helps you with mashing, crushing the dry ingredients, making pastes, purees, smoothies, pulps, etc. The most common use of mixers is to make fine purees and chutneys. 

The mixer grinder comes with two or three different sizes of jars. All the jars are accompanied by rubber lids. It offers the function of two devices, i.e. a mixer and a grinder. 

The small jars are used to grind ingredients to a fine texture. The mixer grinder can be used to grind both wet and dry ingredients into powdered form or pastes. 

The mixer grinder is used to powder spices, sugar, coffee beans and make the pastes, chutneys, purees, and batter. 

You can get several jars to help you according to your need. The mixer grinder proves to be helpful in all big and small families. 


Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder


Pros of Mixer Grinder

Let’s look into the pros of a mixer grinder:

  • A simple device without any complications and user friendly.  
  • It gives you the option to control the speed according to your task and convenience. 
  • It comes at an affordable price. It occupies less space in your kitchen.  
  • It is perfect while preparing shakes and smoothies and doesn’t spill. 
  • The device consumes less electricity as compared to others. 

Cons of a Mixer Grinder 

Let’s look into the cons of a mixer grinder:

  • It does not remain stable while grinding, and you have to hold it all the while through it.
  • It is a bit inconvenient to take out the paste or chutney from the bottom of the jar by hand. That is because of the blades and also, if you’re not careful, the blades can harm you. 
  • The lid gets loose if it is used more frequently.


Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder


What is a Food Processor? 

The food processor is a multitasking kitchen appliance. Having a food processor in your kitchen eliminates most of the kitchen appliances from their service. That is because it is multitasking. 

The food processor does the work of juicer and grinder as well. So you don’t need to have a juicer and grinder occupying any more space in your kitchen; just a food processor will do. 

What makes it a multipurpose device is that it comes with different blades that you can use as per your need. It also comes with varying sizes of jars and special blades that are used for vegetable cutting. 

With a food processor’s help, you can go for shredding, chopping, blending, mincing, pureeing, juicing, slicing, atta kneading, etc. It comes with a pusher also that pushes the food into the jar, which shreds the food into pieces of the same size. 


Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder


Pros of a Food Processor

Let’s look into the pros of a food processor:

  • It is a multipurpose device. 
  • The jars that come with food processors are significant as compared to the mixer grinder.
  • It can perform a lot of tasks other than just mixing and grinding. It also helps you with the different liquid shakes. 
  • It is good and very quick with preparing food for more than 10-12 people. 
  • The appliance saves a lot of work and energy as well. 

Cons of Food Processor 

Let’s look into the cons of a food processor:

  • The single device occupies a lot of space in the kitchen. 
  • It takes up a lot of electricity than a mixer grinder. 
  • It is very complicated to use. 
  • The purees made with food processors sometimes do not come out with fine consistency.
  • It is a big task to clean the food processor after using it. 


Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder


Food Processors and Mixer Grinders: Similarities 

As much as we need to know how Food Processors and Mixer Grinders are different, we also need to understand how they are similar.

  • The food processor and mixer grinder both can mix, blend, puree the food ingredients. These are some of the essential functions that you may find in both appliances. 
  • Both are electric kitchen appliances. They are both meant to be used within the vicinity of the kitchen.
  • Both come with different jars accompanied by rubber lids. Both the appliances come with necessary safety precautions.

Food Processors and Mixer Grinders: Differences

The critical differences between Food Processor or Mixer Grinder are significant. Let’s learn about the differences:

  • There is a difference in the consistency of the purees and pastes by the food processor and mixer grinder. 
  • The food processor uses more electricity than that of the mixer grinder. 
  • The mixer grinder proves to be user friendly, while the food processor is complicated to use. 
  • The food processor is multipurpose as compared to a mixer grinder.
  • The food processor will be a lot for a small family, but a mixer grinder is fit for all families, big or small. 
  • A food processor takes up a lot of space while a mixer grinder is a relatively more compact appliance.


The final result of food processing is what makes the food processor different from the grinder. 

A food processor can cut, chop, slice, grate, blend, etc. Whereas a mixer can grind, crush, make pastes of the food ingredients. On the other hand, a mixture can only be used to a limited extent, like dry grinding ingredients, making pastes and chutneys. Different types of mixer grinders can also help you with the smoothie and shakes as well. 

Moreover, a food processor does all the task of a mixer grinder along with the chopping, slicing, mincing, atta kneading, juicing, etc., that too, with the high-speed processing. 

So which one will be a good deal for you? 

If you like to try on new dishes now and then and you’re passionate about cooking, then you should definitely choose the food processor as your kitchen buddy. 

Because if you do all the chopping, blending, grinding, slicing, etc., by hand, the tasks drain out the energy and are very time-consuming. And why do it manually when you could have a food processor to do that for you in minutes. 

I hope this guide will help you choose your kitchen buddy!

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