Hell.com Fails to Sell During Live Auction

Tech News

Not surprisingly, Hell.com failed to have any bids placed above the $2.3 million reserve set by the seller at a live auction on Friday. Bids were apparently above $500,000 but still a far cry from the $2.3 million minimum. Personally, I would have taken the $500,000, especially considering the site is only getting around 5,000 hits a day with whatever hell-driven community is there (which would translate to significantly less than $500,000 in ad revenue by practically any calculation). But some other names did sell:

113 names out of the 312 offered during the live
auction were sold with an average sale price of $47,000. Cameras.com
sold for $1.5 million. But many other failed to attract the seven figure amounts expected by their owners (such as Iran.com). Check out the original story for why domain name sales are supposedly coming back due to Google and Yahoo ads even if certain high profile names can’t seem to bring in more than a few dollars per day…

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