The Ingenious SOOT Electropack


If you do any amount of traveling, whether it’s around the city or around the world, chances are you have some form of small bag that you carry with you. This could be a carry-on satchel, a larger laptop messenger bag or a full-on backpack. You probably already own one of these, or maybe you own all three just to have the bag you need from one day to the next. So, how cool would it be to have one bag that could be transformed to any one of the three, plus supply a backup battery for charging your electronic devices?

The SOOT Electropack is just that—a large, 34-liter backpack that can also be split down to either a 24-liter commuter bag or a 10-liter mini-pack; essentially three bags in one, allowing you to choose the most appropriate setup for your current journey without the need to carry something that’s too big (or too small) ever. That’s really cool, but it gets better. The SOOT Electropak comes with a built-in battery pack that works off-grid for two weeks, so you can charge up to two devices anywhere, anytime, via USB cables. If you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail or stranded at the airport in Manila, you can recharge your phone, tablet or any Pad.

This clever travel bag and charger combo comes with a hefty price tag—$239. But when you break it down to three travel bags and a portable charger, for the peripatetic, it is extremely functional.

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