Facebook Dominates Social Media-and Maybe the World


Facebook announced this week that there are 968 million people that use the site every single day. Not just users, Facebook actually has about 1.49 billion of those, but some sign up once and never use the site again. The 968 million, or nearly one billion, use the site actively every day, most for an average of 45 minutes. That’s nearly one seventh of the population of the world, making Facebook a force to be reckoned with in the social media world and in the world in general.

Facebook’s Expansion Plans

Facebook is still growing at a pretty phenomenal rate-showing about 13 percent growth since last year-but they even have a plan for when the market is saturated. Internet.org is a website that is geared towards bringing affordable internet to communities all over the world. The site is funded and backed by Facebook. Though the implications of bringing connectivity to remote parts of the world are bigger than bringing business to Facebook, the advantage is there. When all of the people that could possibly access the internet have joined Facebook, the only thing to do is introduce more people to the internet.

Facebook Management of Revenue

Facebook is not only hooking people at a steady rate, the site is also making money off of those people. Facebook generates revenues through payments, mobile advertising, and desktop advertising. Desktop advertising has stayed pretty consistent since 2012, but mobile advertising has exploded. Facebook has done well with their mobile ads, jumping on at the penultimate moment and riding the wave. Facebook also just started selling self-service ads on Instagram (yes, Facebook owns Instagram, too) and may start monetizing the messenger products WhatsApp and Messenger to capitalize on those fronts, as well. While we can expect Facebook to be around for a while yet, Facebook has made it clear that the site will roll with the times.

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