Wrist Charge the Portable Phone Charger


Phone chargers are just a plain pain in the rear end especially if you’re traveling. I mean, they are fine plugged into the same outlet at home 24/7 but when you have to unplug them, wrap the cord up and pack it away for a vacation it becomes a pain. I’m sure we have all at some point forgotten to pack our charger and spent a few days away trying to minimize our phone usage or even having to buy a new charger on the fly. Well, there is now a project 8 years in the making that could be about to make all our lives easier.

Known as Wrist Charge, it is the height in portable chargers and has the added factor of also being a trendy bracelet. That’s right, this clever flexible strap contains the connections you need to plug your smartphone into a car charger, computer, or laptop for the purposes of receiving a charge. Currently the product is looking for Kickstarter funding after many years of developing and things appear promising.

So, the second I heard about the the Wrist Charge a question popped into my mind. Can this thing be worn in the shower? I mean, this is a wearable piece of tech that you can rely on while traveling but what if you forget to take the trendy bracelet off in the shower? Well I searched the Kickstarter page and found the FAQs at the bottom. Is it waterproof? I quote directly here “If submerged under water for any length of time Wrist Charge will be ineffective and will lose its capability to hold a charge on any smart device. So the answer I guess is no, it is not waterproof which does have me a little concerned because what if you get caught in a rain storm?

This is a great concept and for the right price I may even invest in one but it would have to be the right price. If I were to accidentally shower with it on or get caught in a storm it could break.

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