Mozy Makes It Big: Online Backup Deal for All 300,000+ GE Employees

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Till now, Mozy has been an up and coming backup solution for the home user with its free online backup (up to two gigabytes) or its unlimited online backup for $5 per month. Since its launch in April 2006, over 175,000 customers have signed up. But the big news is that General Electric recently bought MozyPro (the enterprise version of Mozy) for all of its 300,000+ employees. Not a bad way to more than double your customer base. And GE is a company that does its homework on purchases like these, so this is definitely a credibility boost for Mozy as well.

MozyPro is very similar to the regular Mozy service, but includes a bunch of additional features: 24/7 support, server backups, administrator control for the IT department, etc. Since MozyPro launched back in December, over 3,200 businesses have started using it with GE now included on the list.

We’ve been following Mozy for quite some time and use its services for both my PCs. The company is also a sponsor of TechConsumer. For information on what sets it apart from the competition (a Mozy competitor used to be a sponsor as well until we discovered Mozy and found it to be superior), see our detailed review or this comparison chart.

Congratulations, Mozy!

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