An Electric Bicycle Charged for Two


What’s better than an easy bike ride on a lazy Sunday afternoon? How about an easy bike ride for two, and by easy we mean no peddling! Thanks to the Interceptor from Pedego you and your significant other can take a ride on this amazing electric bicycle built for two. Available from gadget gurus Hammacher and Schlemmer, the Electric Bicycle Built for Two is the perfect easy rider for all active couples who love the outdoors, but hate to sweat too much.
This stylish bike features a lightweight, built-in motor attached to a standard two-person bicycle. The motor is controlled from the front handle bars and can propel the bike at up to 20 mph without any added peddling from the riders. If you want to really get up to speed, simply start peddling and push the bike to 20 mph or more.
Made of sturdy aluminum, the Interceptor can carry up to 500 lbs, and a single battery charge can take you up to 25 miles depending on usage, weight and terrain. The Interceptor is the perfect ride for offering help rather than locomotion. Challenging hill ahead? Kick in the motor. For easy breezy level terrain, simply cycle along for miles with someone special; if you get tired, let the battery take over while you recharge yours. It’s old school fun with a new school twist! I love this thing.

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