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Split AC And Window AC: Know The Difference

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Need a new air conditioner and cannot make the decision to choose from Split AC and Window AC? You are at the right place, my friend. While making such a crucial decision, we are here to help you find your best fit. 

Summer is here and so are the days of humidity, warm air, and hot weather. What is that one thing that keeps us alive these days? It is our favorite air conditioner. Well! Obviously, I wonder what our summer would be like without this gorgeous invention. 

Everybody keeps arguing about having a split AC or Window AC. Do you know which one is the best? Me neither. But we must know the difference between the two which is way beyond its size, design, and location. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dig in and see the real difference between Split AC and Window AC.

What is a Split Air Conditioner?


Split AC And Window AC


As we think about Split AC, it’s what we usually see on the walls. But the truth is, it is more than that. A split AC is a wall-mounted ductless air conditioner. This one has two different units, namely, there is indoor and outside. 

What we see indoors or in our rooms is the indoor unit whereas the one that is installed outside is the outdoor unit. The location of these two might be different but they are connected and work together. How are they connected? This is through air pipes that is the connection between the two. Simple? Yes, it is. 

Besides, the connectivity of the two units is the real reason why it has a high cooling limit as compared to window one. Why? Because the indoor unit gives you cool air and the outdoor unit throws out the damn hot air. 

What is a Window Air Conditioner?


Split AC And Window AC


Moving on, here is what window AC is all about. It is, as the name suggests, the one that fits in the window of the room. This one does all the work that two units of split AC do. Now, with this one, there is only one unit that spreads the cool air and throws out the hot one. This is why it is placed on the window with its body outside and just the front part inside the room. 

How does a split Air Conditioner work?

Let’s see how practically our split AC works. The outside unit in the Split AC has a compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. All three of them help it to throw out hot air from inside. Now when it comes to the inside unit, it has a capillary tube, evaporator, and cooling fan that helps it spread the cool air in every corner of the room. 

How does a window Air Conditioner work?

Window AC has all its components in one unit. That’s all we know. But how does it work? To be precise, the thing we see inside has 2 things- a fan and an evaporator. The fan gives you the cool air whereas the evaporator sucks the hot air and helps throw it out. On the other hand, the body hanging outside contains a condenser, condenser fan, expansion valve, and a compressor. 

Here is how the whole thing works:

  • The evaporator takes in the hot air. 
  • The hot air flows to the compressor
  • Next, the compressor then pressurizes the air to a high temperature. 
  • Thereafter, this air moves to a condenser in which the hot air is thrown out and converts into liquid. 
  • The condenser fan helps the condenser to throw out the hot air.
  • Liquid from the condenser expands in the expansion valve making it colder. 
  • This cold air then goes out into the room with the help of an evaporator. 

This whole cycle repeats itself that further makes it one good piece of the air conditioner.


Split AC And Window AC


The real difference between Split AC and Window AC.

Now, as we know what exactly is split AC and Window AC, let’s take this thing further and see how they are different from each other in terms of features. So, down there are a bit specific differences that you will find. 

  • Aesthetic and design

As we all know a Split AC is something that complements your interior. It somehow matches the tone and elegance. The window AC is not that aesthetic. Besides, it gives more of an old-machine kind of look. 

  • Suitability

Split AC is a great option for you if you need something for an office, commercial area, or large rooms in your house. But if you want something for small rooms or small offices, Window ACs is a recommended purchase. 


Split AC And Window AC


  • Space

You may have noticed that a split AC often requires less scape as compared to the window one. The indoor unit fits in the room and the outer unit can be placed anywhere outside the building. 

  • Options available

Moving on to our next point, you will find more options in the Split AC. There are options like vertical AC, ceiling or cassette AC, and even inverter ACs are available. But in Window ACs, you will get just one type and usually, similar designs. 

  • Capacity

You might be wondering what sizes are available in these 2 ACs. Well, both the ACs are available from 0.8 to 3 tons. The real difference comes in when we consider the outside unit. As that does the real cooling function, there is usually no limit to the Split AC’s tonnage capacity. 

  • Installation

There is the whole issue of arranging the copper piping and two different units. Therefore, you will need skilled labor to fit in the Split AC. Sometimes, it can be pretty hard too. However, with Window AC there is no such issue or requirement.

These are some of the real differences you will find in Split AC and Window AC. These are something that can literally help you make the best decision of going for the most suitable option.

Like anything in the world, there are always some pros and cons attached to these Air Conditioner types. To sum it up, down there you will find everything you need to know to make the right decision. 


Split AC And Window AC


Why is Split AC a Better option?

  • Produce less noise and stay quiet while working
  • Best for the fast cooling process
  • Elegant look and cool designs
  • It can be installed easily on any wall.
  • Both indoor and outdoor installations have separate control.

Why is Window AC a better option?

  • In comparison to the split one, Window AC is a lot cheaper. 
  • Maybe old technology but is extremely energy efficient.
  • It does not require too much space in your house
  • Window AC is easier to install (uninstall, shifting as well)
  • The maintenance of this one is pretty easy.

The Cons of Split AC?

  • Installation and maintenance can be hard. 
  • It throws out limited air. 
  • The distance between the indoor and outdoor units cannot be more than 100-150 ft. 
  • Quite costly in comparison to the Window one. 
  • This one may not be suitable for a multi-story building.
  • The split AC may be quiet on the inside but the outside unit can make irritating noise. So, it is a little noisy for the neighbors. 

The Cons of Window AC?

  • It can be difficult to fit in the window. So, a little sizing of the window is required. 
  • As it is fixed on the window, it might block the window view. 
  • Gives a little old look. 
  • Can be little noise while working.
  • You would need to place it on the window where the draining water would not be an issue. 
  • You need to have some security measures to prevent any mishap.


Split AC And Window AC



Making a decision to purchase the best Air conditioner for your home or office can be pretty tiring. But not anymore because at least you know the real differences, pros, and cons of Split AC and Window AC. 

No one AC type is better than the other. All it takes is the difference between the preferences and requirements of the user. Therefore, all you need to do is know the size of your room/office and make a list of all the features you would be needing. But don’t forget, budget is also a big consideration. When you do your homework, then you can find the perfect fit for your usage. 

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