7 Best TDS Meters in India in 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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Are you searching for the best TDS Meters in India in 2020?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

TDS is basically a device that helps to find out the contaminants that are present in the water. With the help of a TDS meter you can get to know how the purification process is working.

So in this blog, we would be discussing the best TDS meters in India in 2020 that you can preferably purchase.

Moreover, a buying guide has also been included such that you can purchase the right product.

Our testing process

We have put in hours of research and thus we have come up with the best TDS meters that are available in the market.

We have segmented our testing process based on how it is performing in the Indian market, its measurement and temperature range.

Besides this, we have also kept price as an important factor while filtering out the products such that they are accessible for everyone.

Hence, you can select any of the below products based on your requirements.

Comparison table

Product Measurement range Temperature range Weight
Generic Digital TDS Meter 0 -5000 PPM 0-80 degrees 20 grams
IONIX TDS METER 0 – 9990 PPM 0-50 degrees 16 grams
Generic LCD Digital TDS Meter 0 -5000 PPM 0 –70 degrees 18 grams
HM Digital AP-1 AquaPro 0 -5000 PPM 0 –70 degrees 90.7 grams
YUV’S digital TDS meter 0 -5000 PPM 0-50 degrees 30 grams
WELLON Portable Pen Type TDS meter 0 -5000 PPM 0-60 degrees 25 grams
Nexqua Dew Imported TDS Meter 0 – 9990 PPM 0-60 degrees 45 grams

Top TDS Meters to Buy Online in India in 2020

#1 Generic Digital TDS Meter with Temperature and water quality measurement

Measurement range : 0 -5000 PPM | Temperature range : 0- 80 degrees | Weight : 20 grams

+ Easy to use

+ Sensor is present that helps in measuring the dissolved salts.

+ It is quite affordable

–  Batteries are not chargeable.


This is probably one of the best TDS meters that you can get in the market.

The generic TDS meter is available in the sizes of AP-1 and AP-2. Another feature that is available in this product is automatic temperature compensation.

Hence, it can effectively measure the temperature as well as TDS. The TDS measurement range of this product is 0-5000 RPM whereas it can measure the temperature ranging from 0 -80 degrees Celsius.

Also, good quality plastic is used in the manufacturing of this product.

TDS meter


Moreover, it can also measure the TDS of water having low hardness.

Lastly, it is backed with water-resistant housing.

The best thing we liked about this TDS meter is that it comes along with a sensor through which dissolved salts present in the water can be measured.


#2 IONIX TDS Meter

Measurement range : 0 -9990 PPM | Temperature range : 0 – 50 degrees | Weight : 16 grams

+ It provides accurate results

+ It comes with a storing case

+ It offers complete value for money

– It is not waterproof


IONIX TDS Meter is known for its simplicity and the length of this product is 4 inches which is considered good enough since you would have to dip and hold it in water.

Besides this, it is well-calibrated and thus reading its values makes it quite easy.

Furthermore, it is made using high-quality material and it also comes along with plastic terminal end cover.

This potentially helps in protecting the sensitive and delicate head of the TDS meter.

Ionix TDS meter


IONIX TDS meter is equipped with three buttons. The primary function of the first button is to switch it on and off.

The second button helps you in recording the reading. Lastly, the third button comes quite handy in measuring the temperature.

Also, a TDS meter pocket is available which is quite useful for storing purposes.

Lastly, it offers great value for money and therefore you won’t be disappointed.


#3 Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter

Measurement range : 0 -5000 PPM | Temperature range : 0- 70 degrees | Weight : 18 grams

+ It is quite easy to handle

+ The product is equipped with a carrying case

+ Hold function is included

– The height of this TDS meter is a bit small


This is another product from Generic which makes on our list of the best TDS Meter that you can purchase in 2020.

It is a high-sensitivity and high-precision testing device which is quite easy to operate.

It is also backed with a larger and clear screen through which you can read the display quite easily.

This product also includes a protective case to protect it. Moreover, it is manufactured using plastic material which is quite durable.

Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter

It also holds the capability of providing quick and fast results. The quick display would also suggest to you whether the water that you are drinking is less than 40 ppm or greater than that.

Also, this product is perfect for both commercials as well as personal use.

The best thing that we liked about this product is that it is equipped with in-built temperature measurement and hold function.


#4 HM Digital AP-1 AquaPro Water Quality Tester (TDS)

Measurement range : 0 -5000 PPM | Temperature range : 0- 70 degrees | Weight : 90.7 grams

+ A warranty of one year is offered on this product

+ It gives a precise and accurate reading

+ The product offers a very sleek design

– It is a bit on the expensive side


HM is quite a reputed company in terms of manufacturing quality TDS meter products.

It is capable of producing both the temperature and the TDS. Further, it is also backed with water-resistant housing.

Another great feature that you can get in this product is the facility of the Automatic Temperature compensation.

Some of the other features that you might get in this product are a low-battery indicator, auto-off function, and data-hold function.

HM Digital AP-1

It also has a large LCD screen through which you can have a look at the display quite clearly.

The range of measurement that is available in this TDS meter is 0 -5000 PPM.

It is also quite sleek, accurate and portable.


#5 Yuv’S Tds Meter/Digital Tds Meter

Measurement range : 0 -5000 PPM | Temperature range : 0- 50 degrees | Weight : 30 grams

+ It is quite durable

+ The product is quite portable

+ It is very easy to operate

– The display is unclear


YUV’S digital TDS meter ensures that the water you are drinking is pure such that you are healthy.

It comes along with a purity measurement & temperature monitoring system which makes it a great product to use.

It is quite perfect for RO purifier and comes along with great accuracy.

Yuv'S Tds Meter

Moreover, it is highly durable and it can easily last for 2-3 years.

So, to measure the temperature with the help of this meter, you just need to switch it on and use it anywhere you want.


#6 WELLON Digital Portable Pen Type TDS meter

Measurement range : 0 -5000 PPM | Temperature range : 0- 60 degrees | Weight : 25 grams

+ It is very portable

+ The product is capable of measuring the hardness of the water.

+ It is available from a very reputed brand.

– Battery quality is poor


The following product is a pen-type TDS meter which is quite easy to use and handle.

Also, it offers a large LCD display through which you can easily take the reading.

Another functionality that comes with TDS meter is water temperature reading.


Moreover, it is available in pocket-size and hence it is quite easy to carry.

The operation of this product is also quite easy and thus you can test the purity of water quite efficiently.

Besides this, the water hardness can also be checked with the help of this TDS meter.

Lastly, it is a pre-calibrated meter through which TDS is measured in PPM.


#7 Nexqua Dew Imported TDS Meter

Measurement range : 0 -9990 PPM | Temperature range : 0 – 60 degrees | Weight : 45 grams

+ It comes with quite an easy operation

+ Electric charge is not needed for the functioning

+ It can measure both the TDS & temperature

– The design could have been better


Through Nexqua Dew Imported TDS METER, you can easily measure the hardness of water and thus it will make you aware of the quality of water that you are drinking.

It also features a jacket that safeguards it from dust.

Nexqua TDS Meter

Besides this, there is no restriction about the water source that you can use for testing purposes.

Moreover, it doesn’t need any complicated operations and thus you can efficiently measure both the temperature and the TDS.


Buying guide – TDS Meter

In this buying guide, we will cover the advantages, working, and factors to keep in mind before purchasing a TDS meter. Let us have a look:-

What are the advantages of a TDS meter?

Some of the benefits of using TDS meter are:-

  • Portability

TDS meter is quite portable and thus you can carry it easily where ever you go.

Also, they are quite lightweight and small in size. Hence, you can easily put that into your pocket.

  • Storage

TDS meter is available in protective storage or leather coat.

Through this, it ensures that the water testing kit that you are having is safe and it is perhaps protected from different kinds of external forces.

  • Accurate

TDS meter is capable of providing very accurate and sensitive results.

Besides this, it also provides you with the right temperature. Hence, you get a fair idea about the dissolved substances that are present in the water.

  • Easy to operate

The operation of the TDS meter is quite easy. It also comes along with distinct readings that can help you out in holding, dipping and recording the readings.

What are the things to keep in mind before purchasing a TDS meter?

If you are purchasing a TDS meter, then there are certain points that you need to consider such that you get accurate results.

  • Automatic control of temperature

If you purchase a TDS meter that comes with the functionality of automatic control of temperature, then it would ensure that you get a very consistent reading irrespective of the level of water.

If the following feature is ignored, then you would be getting inconsistent results at different temperatures for the same water.

  • Accuracy

You need to make sure that you purchase a TDS meter that comes along with microprocessor technology such that you get proper readout accuracy.

  • Automatic shut off function

The automatic shut off function increases the life of the battery and thus you won’t run out of battery.

The following function is available after an inactivity of 2 minutes, five minutes or ten minutes.

  • Life of a battery

A small change in battery voltage can result in an error. Hence, look out for a TDS meter that offers a very good battery life.

  • Clear display

You need to look out for a TDS meter that is equipped with an LCD screen through which you can read the digits.

Moreover, backlight functionality come quite handy during the night time.

  • Calibration

Most of the models that you will find in the market are calibrated using 342 PPM sodium chloride solution while some other products are calibrated by the help of a mini screwdriver such that the measurement can be obtained according to your needs.

  • Case and cap

You need to look out for a TDS meter that comes up with a removable cap such that the part of the meter can be submerged into the water.

Also, leather storage comes handy in protecting the TDS meter after you have used it.

  • Dual TDS monitor

Dual TDS monitor helps in measuring the TDS level of the water. It is regarded as one of the best ways through which the water quality levels can be determined for water purification systems such as reverse osmosis and deionization.

  • Easy to clean

You need to keep in mind that the electrodes present in the TDS meter are easy to clean.

Just in case the scale gets present in the electrodes, then you might be able to clean them with the help of the vinegar.

On the other hand, detergents should never be used or else it may give a false TDS reading.

  • Immersion line

It is quite important to know that the TDS meter should be submerged up to a particular distance.

If it is submerged further, then there are chances of electrical components being damaged.

Hence, you need to make sure that your meter has a clear mark and perhaps a visible immersion line to know about how much to submerge the meter.

  • Recording

The TDS meter that you are buying should be capable of saving up the readings such that you can keep the records.

The following feature can come quite handy if you want to track the water purity over some time.

Measurements should be efficiently saved by holding on to the function button.

  • The range of measurement

Most of the TDS meters available in the market come up with a measurement range between 0 – 9999 PPM.

This arguably means that any TDS levels higher than this range should be able to multiply the reading present on the screen by ten.

So, you should keep in mind that you can view the x10 indicator quite clearly on the screen if in case the multiplication is needed.

How does a TDS meter work?

TDS meter looks similar to a thermometer and it is placed inside the water for the testing process.

Immediately after that, the measurement sensors present in the TDS meter start to work and you will get a notification within 10 seconds which would indicate the mineral content that is present in the water.

In this way, purification system efficiency would be determined for the water where it is placed and it would also suggest the treatment that is needed for mineral concentration.

FAQs – TDS meter

Q) Is TDS meter accurate?

TDS meters are used to measure the TDS that is present in the water through electrical conductivity and further converting them to PPM.

Hence, they are quite accurate with a margin of +- 3%.

Q) Is it harmful to drink low TDS water?

The water which lacks TDS is known to be a lot more corrosive and in the process, it can generate harmful metals such as copper or lead from the hardware and the plumbing pipes.

Hence, it is recommended that you drink water that has moderate TDS present in it.

Q) How much PPM is safe for drinking?

Any TDS water level below 500 PPM is considered very good for consumption purposes. However, the less the PPM, the better it would be concerning the health.

Q) How the TDS content present in water can be measured?

The TDS content that is present in water can be easily measured by the help of a TDS meter.

We have mentioned the list of some of the best TDS meters available in the market and thus you can select any one of them without having to worry about anything.

Q) What does a TDS meter indicate?

A TDS meter is a small hand-held device that indicates the Total dissolved solids present in water.

Dissolved ionized solids such as minerals and salts help in increases the solution conductivity.

Further, a TDS meter helps in measuring the solution conductivity and further, the TDS is estimated from the reading.


It is quite important to understand that the water we drink and the purification system that we use is effective such that safe and good quality of water is produced to drink.

TDS meter exactly ensures the same and therefore you must select the right product.

The TDS meters that we have mentioned above is quite reputed and thus you can select any of the product which would ensure that the TDS is within the permissible limits and perhaps easily pass through the treatment procedures.

Just in case, you have any queries, then do let us know below in the comment box.

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