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Whether you’re trying to keep fit, have a fitness resolution, or you want to keep track of your body, a fitness band will help you. Not only is it going to come in handy when you’re doing your exercise, but it is also a fashionable piece of wearable tech that will help you with your daily life. There are many fitness bands on the market. From basic fitness trackers that count your steps and track your sleep schedule to high-end smartwatches that are capable of helping you perform tasks that you would typically rely on your computer or smartphone. So, how do we decide to buy the right fitness bands for us?


Before you decide to buy a fitness tracker, you need to know what kind of activities you want to track. Do you need a device that can track your calorie burns and heart rate, your fitness progress in general, or even a smartwatch that can help you with not only your fitness activities but also your job? To answer this question, you must understand your habits. Are you a regular person who occasionally goes to the gym and enjoys a walk in the park, or are you a fitness addict who needs to get things right, including your calorie measurement, to achieve your goals? These are essential things to consider before choosing what fitness band you should buy as you don’t want to buy a device full of features you will never use.


Each device has a specification. You need to understand the spec before you buy a fitness band. Watch out specifically for the battery duration, storage capacity, connectivity methods, etc. If you like to listen to music during a workout, then a fitness band with a large memory for music storage will fit you perfectly. Or, if you want full detailed reports of your body tracks, you can choose a device that connects to your smartphone. If you wish to perform activities involving water such as swimming, then waterproofing is a feature you should consider. Most fitness trackers will survive the rain, but you still need to make sure how long they can handle the water. And of course, surviving the storm isn’t the same as surviving underwater. You should understand the difference. When an advertisement says it is waterproof, look further: what level of waterproofing? Can you wear it for swimming?


If looks are important to you, then style is probably something you should consider. There are so many options on the market, each with their unique style. You can choose between a simple sports band and a more luxurious stylish smartwatch that not only can count your calorie burns, but also help you with your looks. It may not be essential for those who prefer functionality over design, but for some people, looks matter. You don’t want a fitness band that looks bulk and ugly that you won’t want to wear every day. In this case, you can also consider the color options and whether the straps are interchangeable or not. Even after you understand what factors to consider before buying a fitness tracker, it’s still not easy to decide since the market has so many brands offering their newest products. So, here we are to help you with some recommendations on the best fitness bands you should consider buying.

ModelBrandColorItem weight
Bilton W8 Smart WatchBiltonBlack99.8 g
Mi Smart Band 4MiBlack36.3 g
HONOR Band 5HonorPink, Black, Midnight Navy, Olive Green22.7 g
Tuloo ID 115TulooMulti-color25 g
HolyHigh 115UHolyHighNew Black18 g

Best Fitness Bands in India

1. Bilton W8 Smart Watch

Brand: Bilton | Color: Black | Item weight: 99.8 g + Stylish design + Adjustable straps + Provides features you may need in a smartwatch − You have to download an app separately to connect it to your smartphone The Bilton W8 smartwatch is a device you can use as a regular watch and fitness tracker as well. Branded as a running watch, you can use it for all kinds of exercise such as cycling, hiking, running, etc. If you do not know where to begin, a running watch is an ideal type to choose as it covers almost everything. It is waterproof so you can use it for outdoor activities without having to worry about it getting wet, for example, by being caught in the rain while you’re running or cycling. The good news is that you don’t have to worry because the Bilton W8 smartwatch comes complete with a weather tracker, so you’ll know what you’re going to deal with outside. It is beneficial not only for exercise purposes but in your daily life as well. The mineral glass protects the simple round dial making it both stylish and also durable. The design is slim and minimalist with minimal bezel and no physical button to give you more screen space. The overall body is waterproof as well as dustproof, which makes it even more durable. It also has a stainless steel back and leather strap so you can wear it comfortably. The Bilton W8 smartwatch has a 1,3-inch full-color display with a 240 x 240-pixel resolution. It has a beautiful, sharp, and bright color display that fits well with the elegant design. The W8 has been designed differently to typical fitness bands, so it appears more like a regular watch. This design makes it perfect to wear both for sports and casual use. It has a 170 mAh lithium polymer battery with 15 days of standby time and five days of normal usage. You can connect the Bilton W8 smartwatch to your phone using the WearFit 2.0 app. It has Bluetooth connectivity 4.0 compatible with android 4.4 or above as well as iOS 8.4 or above. Once you connect it to your phone, you’ll get messages and phone call notifications as well as social media notifications such as Facebook and Twitter. Special Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Real-time weather update
  • Real-time blood pressure measurement
  • Real-time blood oxygen measurement
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Step Counts
  • Calorie Burns measurement
  • Sleep monitoring

2. Mi Smart Band 4

Brand: Mi | Color: Black | Item weight: 36.3 g + Long-lasting battery life up to 20 days for uninterrupted performance + Smarter music control + Larger display + Replaceable straps + Lightweight and compact − No GPS on the band − No music storage on the band The Mi Smart Band 4 has a 39,9% larger display than the previous Mi Smart Band 3. With an AMOLED full-color display and adjustable brightness, you can control the brightness so it can look as clear and bright even under the sun. As a fitness band, it has all the standard features, such as 24/7 heart monitoring. Not only does this track your heart rate, but it will also alert you when your heart rate is high. You can use it for multiple sports such as the treadmill, running, cycling, and walking. With a 5 ATM waterproof build, it has water resistance up to 50 meters deep so that you can use it for swimming. It can also detect your swimming style using stroke recognitions and captures 12 specific data points for tracking. It also includes sleep monitoring to help you understand your sleep pattern with an accurate light and deep sleep tracker. With a music control option on the band, you can change the song and increase or decrease the volume directly without having to touch your phone. This kind of smart-band is perfect for those who like to listen to music while exercising. With the band on your wrist, you can receive a call and message notification as well as social media notifications so you won’t miss a thing. You can also receive, reject, or silence a phone call using the band. This feature comes in handy when you’re driving so that you don’t have to pick up the phone to reject a phone call. Having a typical fitness band design with a simple and long display, you can have more fun with the display layout. You can style the screen however you want since it has unlimited watch faces. All you have to do is pick a photo in your gallery and set it as you watch your face. You can change it whenever you feel like it. Special Features:

  • Color AMOLED full touch display
  • Water resistance up to 50 m
  • Music and volume controls
  • Unlimited watch faces
  • Heart monitoring
  • Swimming tracking with stroke recognition
  • Daily activity tracker

3. HONOR Band 5

Brand: Honor | Color: Pink, Black, Midnight Navy, Olive Green | Item weight: 22.7 g + Charges quickly up to 100% within an hour + Lightweight, slim design + More micro settings on the ‘more’ option, so the interface stays clean − Glass display makes it prone to damage when used without a screen protector − Some features work only in Honor phones and iOS devices The Honor Band 5 has a 0,95 inch AMOLED touch large color screen with adjustable screen brightness. A dynamic, vivid display ensures you can get a clear view even under the sun. It has a slim display design with a black bezel surrounding and a convenient home button. It also has a high-quality strap with belt style clip to make sure it stays in your wrist firmly. The above-average quality of the strap makes it very comfortable to wear. The Honor band 5 has a clear and easy to use interface. When the screen goes blank, it brings you back to the previous tab you were in once you wake it up, so you don’t have to reopen the tabs. It also comes with multiple faces that you can choose yourself. The device has eight main modes called daily activity tracker, heart rate tracker, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, messages, settings, and music control. In the activity tracker, you can view your daily activity, including step counts and calorie detail of the day. It can help you with your diet plan. In the heart rate tracker, you can quickly check the heart rate both when you’re exercising and at rest. The Honor Band 5 is known to have the best heart rate tracker with 95% accuracy. The SpO2 monitor tracks oxygen levels in the bloodstream in real-time so you can check how your body is adapting during a workout or when you travel to a different place with extreme weather differences. In the sleep tracker, you can view the sleep time from the previous night. You can also check the detailed data on the app. Trusleep mode makes the sleep tracking more accurate, but it consumes a lot of battery. The battery will hold up to 14 days for regular usage, but it will drain twice as quickly when you activate the Trusleep mode. As a fitness band, it has a workout mode with many built-in sports such as walking, running, swimming, to free exercise. You can set alerts and targets separately in each session, which is very useful during your workout session. With 5ATM water resistance up to 50 meters, you can wear it while swimming. Swimming posture recognition helps record speed, distance, number of turns, calories burned, and other data. When connected to your phone, notifications indicate messages and phone calls. You not only get notified, but you can read the message text as well. You also have the option to reject a phone call so you can do it without having to pick up the phone. With music control, you can control the music playing on the smartphone via the band. It supports a third-party music app as well, so you can listen to music from your favorite app and control it using the smart-band. The device is compatible with android 4.4 or above and iOS 9.0 or above. Although some extra features only work on Honor phones. Special Features:

  • AMOLED full-color display
  • SpO2 monitor
  • Smart music and volume control
  • Real-time heart rate monitor
  • Swim stroke recognition
  • Ten distinct fitness mode
  • Intelligent sleep data

4. Tuloo ID 115

Brand: Tuloo | Color: Multi-color | Item weight: 25 g + Lightweight and compact + Secure replaceable straps − The heart rate monitor in the back may not be very comfortable − You cannot wear it for swimming Tuloo ID 115 is an excellent place to start when it comes to a fitness band. It includes pretty much every feature you need in a fitness band. With a sleek rectangular design, it also comes with different color strap options, and yes, it is replaceable. The rubber strap and belt style clip makes it very secure and helps it stay firmly and comfortably on your wrist. The device has a 0,96 inch OLED display, giving you a good clear view. It also comes with multiple themes or watch-faces you can choose based on your preference. With an IP67 waterproof rating, you can wear it while washing your hands and in the rain without damaging the watch. It has no physical buttons, just the touch screen, so the design is clean and straightforward. All you have to do is tap the screen, and it will show the time for five seconds. Tap the screen multiple times, and you will move to the other tabs, such as training, heart rate, alarm, etc. As a fitness band, it comes with a wide range of training modes such as walk, run, cycle, and hike. All you have to do is select the training mode you wish to perform, double-tap it, and it will start the session. You can connect it to your phone using the VeryFitPro app. The app is compatible with android 4.3 or above and iOS 7.1 or above. Bluetooth connectivity requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above. It also has some extra features such as camera control, which functions as a shutter button to your camera. It also has a phone finder app that is useful if you’re often misplacing your phone. It will ring your phone so that you can find it. It also has a phone unlock feature, but it only works on android phones. It only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge and will run for about seven days in regular use. Special Features:

  • Heart rate sensor
  • Activity recorder
  • Sleep monitor
  • Calorie counter
  • Call notification
  • Alarm
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Phone unlock feature

5. HolyHigh 115U

Brand: HolyHigh | Color: New Black | Item weight: 18 g + Easy to charge + Premium replaceable straps + Available in many colors including pink, blue, and navy − Some features require enabling in the app − You cannot wear it while swimming The HolyHigh 115U is a smart activity tracker you can use to track your daily activities such as the number of steps, distance, calories burned, sleeping time, etc. It has a sleek design with premium rubber straps. The straps are replaceable, and you can choose different color straps based on your preference. The high-quality rubber strap and a belt style clip make it secure and comfortable. This fitness band provides a little bit more than just basic tracking features. For instance, in the sleep monitoring mode, it automatically records your sleep duration and consistency with a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, including light sleep and deep sleep. Plus, it can wake you up peacefully with a silent vibrating alarm. You have to turn on the function within the app to enable it. Another cool feature on this tracker is the long-time sitting reminder that will remind you to stand up if you’ve been sitting for too long. An IPX 67 waterproof rating protects the device from water, dust, and sweat. You can use it while washing your hands, and the water splashed will not affect the phone function. Using this device, you can set more than one alarm. It has up to 10 alarm clocks you can use for many purposes. You can set the alarm to wake you up, take medicine, attend meetings, and remind you of any other activities. As a fitness tracker, it has a wide choice of sport modes. Fourteen sport modes include walking, running, cycling, hiking, treadmill, basketball, tennis, climbing, yoga, dancing, and more. The first three modes are already set up in the band and can be displayed, while the others need setting up in the app. Text messages, incoming calls, and social media notifications are all included as standard. You can also hang up a phone call using the band, so you don’t have to be interrupted and pick up the phone. Once it’s connected to your phone, it supports date and time auto sync, camera shoot remote control, and a find my phone feature. This smartwatch is quick and easy to charge and comes with a USB dock. Simply remove the straps, and you’ll be able to plug it into any USB port to charge it. Charging time may take 1-2 hours and will provide around seven days of regular use. The smart fitness tracker is compatible with android 4.0 or above and iOS 7.1 or above. Special Features:

  • Sleep monitor
  • SMS alert
  • Call alert
  • Calories counter
  • Alarm
  • Daily activity tracker
  • 14 sport modes

Other Fitness Bands Worthy of Mention

Best Fitness Band under Rs. 1000 in India

The Muzili Fitness Band has 14 sport modes with a step counter, calorie measurement, and heart rate monitor in real-time while you do your activities such as walking, jogging, and more. It has an impressive recording feature so you can keep track of your progress as you perform the exercise again in the future. The sleep monitor can measure your sleep time and health progression. The battery can stand by up to 7 days in normal usage. It is also complete with extra features such as a find my phone function and camera control.

Best Fitness Band under Rs. 3000 in India

The Samsung Galaxy Fit E has a heart rate monitor that is accurate for casual fitness use. It also has a step counter to keep track of your body movement. It can be easily connected using the Samsung Health Application and is compatible with both android and iOS. The battery will last up to 6 days in normal usage.

Best Fitness Band under Rs. 4000 in India

The Amazfit Cos has a fantastic design featuring a bright 1,23 inch curved IPS display with Gorilla 3 glass and anti-fingerprint coating. It automatically tracks your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep quality. It is complemented with 5 ATM water resistance so you can wear it for swimming up to 50 meters deep. The battery life is up to 12 days in regular use. You can connect it to your phone using the Mi Fit App, and it is compatible both for android and iOS. It also comes with extra features such as weather forecasts and email notification.

Best Fitness Band under Rs. 5000 in India

The Fitbit Inspire will track your daily activities in detail, including steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes to calories burned. It automatically follows your sleep pattern and sets a silent alarm to wake you up by buzzing on your wrist. It is water-resistant down to 50 meters so you can wear it while swimming. It has a large memory that will save seven days of detailed motion data and save daily totals for the last 30 days. It will acknowledge your achievement with on-screen celebrations when you hit your goal. The battery will last up to 5 days in normal usage.


Which of these fitness bands are most suitable to be used by beginners?

All of the fitness bands mentioned above possess easy to use and user-friendly interfaces. You should be able to use them even as a beginner. But, if it is your first band and you only need to try a fitness band to keep track of your daily activity, then a fitness band with basic features should be enough.

Which of these fitness bands are most suitable to be used by users who exercise regularly?

If you are an active person, who performs the regular exercise, and want to keep track of your progress towards your goals, you may need a fitness band with more advanced features and more sport mode options.

Are these fitness bands too expensive for a beginner to try and buy?

All of these fitness bands are affordable and come with great features. But, if you’re a beginner and you’re not quite sure, you can invest in a fitness band at the end of the price range.

Final thoughts:

These are our top recommendations for the best fitness bands in India. Aside from the price, we recommend you choose based on your functional needs. If you are new to the game and want to try out a fitness band, then maybe a fitness band with a basic activity tracker should be enough for you. If you enjoy long-distance running and want to try a different route, a fitness tracker with a GPS is a must. If you are a fitness addict, you may need more sports modes to occupy your needs. If you enjoy a lot of outdoor activities involving water, then waterproofing is essential. On the other hand, the overall look and design might be important to you. You should find out what materials are used for the body, screen, and strap. You can find images on Amazon to see it from different angles. Since you will have it on your wrist all day, you also need to make sure that it is wearable and comfortable to wear while performing your daily activities, including sleeping. You can now choose a fitness band to buy. Just remember, make sure that you select the smart-band that suits you!

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