Best Massage Chairs in India in 2020

Best Massage Chairs in India in 2020

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In this modern and highly competitive era, everyone wants to stay ahead in their game. Everyone is busy building fortunes that they sometimes forget to catch a breath and invest in personal well-being. As a result, it causes heavy burnouts and retarded mental and physical health.

Thankfully, some people have realized this truth and have started investing in things that can help save them from such burnouts. Many people are seen hitting their nearby massage parlors on weekends in order to recuperate and calm their minds and bodies.

But what if you can take this relaxing and rejuvenating massage daily at your home? You might be thinking it is a bad idea because you would not get so much time to spare on visiting a massage parlor every day. Well, you are right and so do we!

This is where buying a modern massage chair comes into the picture. So, when you return from a busy day at work, you can relax in your massage chair and you do not have to wait for weekends to get that relief.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the top 6 finest massage chairs available in the Indian market in 2020. So, stay tuned!

Top 3 Message Chairs

#1. JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office

This massage chair tops the list due to its great performance, solid features, and all-around massaging experience. It offers six massage styles, has zero-gravity and Shiatsu massaging, 5 auto-modes, 22 airbags for legs, shoulders, and arms, heat therapy and many more features to provide relief to your entire body and take away all the pains. It comes with one year of warranty and product reliability by JSB.

#2. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage

This massage chair takes the massaging to the next level by offering impressive features and performance. It includes a hand massager, 4 airbags for the upper arms, 16 airbags for the legs, and 8 airbags for your full arms. It offers 3 intensity modes, 2D auto-detection, 5 massage modes and speed levels, and zero gravity to relax all your body. It also comes with 1 year of warranty.

#3. Osim Uinfinity Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

This full-body, zero gravity massage chair offers humanized pampering to your body with 5 massage styles, auto and manual massaging, warm acupressure, air compression, and other impeccable features for treating your pains, stress, anxiety, and providing better blood circulation and relaxation. It comes with 1 year of warranty.

Massage Chairs: A Closer Look

Best Massage Chairs in India in 2020
Best Massage Chairs in India in 2020


Did you know who invented the first massage chair and when? It was Nobuo Fujimoto who invented and designed the first-ever electric massage chair in 1954. Later in 1968, a massage therapist from California named David Palmer created a design for a massage chair, “a chair in a box” that weighed around 28 pounds. It was designed specially for providing safe and effective massaging.

Traditional massage chairs offer an easy contact to your head, back, and shoulder. With technological advancements, robotic massage chairs were designed that utilize electronic motors and vibrators to offer massage.

Modern massage chairs are robot-handled that can provide extra comfort and flexibility to the users. They are designed specifically for massaging and the bonus point – it would not get tired! Even though they are expensive, you can leverage its wide range of benefits to soothe and relax your body with a one-time investment. Robotic massage chairs come in different variants like full-body, zero gravity, Shiatsu models, and more.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Modern-day massage chairs are a unique way to get an effective and comfortable body massage that you can have at any time in your home. Here are the primary benefits a massage chair can provide you with.


Stress is a major issue these days due to busy schedules and workload. And the result can be disastrous to the health of an individual in terms of both physical and mental. Not only health, but people tend to suffer in terms of their commitments and relationships.

As you cannot depend on weekends to get a body massage in order to calm down your mind and body, a massage chair can work. It is because you can relax on it whenever you find distressed and feel low and you do not need to step outside to get it done and pay every time you visit. Just use your massage chair to relax for a few minutes and let your body rejuvenate from inside out.

Better circulation

Proper blood circulation plays a major role in keeping your body healthy and keeps diseases at bay. It also makes you feel active and fresh all day long. Therefore, blood circulation in your body must be good.

A massage chair can help you achieve this goal. With its help, your blood circulation can be enhanced because all your major pressure points would be targeted by the massage chair. Subsequently, blood can flow to all the parts of your body without any disturbance in its path. When it happens, your body will rejuvenate from deep inside. Hence, you will feel active all day and your mood would also be enhanced.

Besides, you can also go for zero gravity massage chairs that are designed especially to meet this purpose. This type of massage chair is good for people who do not have much time for daily exercise and activities.

Pain relief

Nearly all people face mild to chronic pain on a frequent basis as a result of poor lifestyle and lack of physical activities. Consequently, a lot many people suffer from joint pain, pain in the back, thighs, neck, tail bones, shoulder, and more. Apart from this, many people feel soreness in their muscles.

If you have such issues, you can bring home a quality massage chair to ease out your pain and muscle soreness. It is because a massage chain can relive all the tissues that are tensed by working on the specific pressure points. It can help in alleviating different kinds of aches, pains, and soreness.

Improved posture

With the increased workload, people tend to spend most of their time sitting on a chair or staring at a computer screen. While working continuously, they sometimes forget that they are in the same posture for hours until their body starts hurting. When it occurs repeatedly, it may lead to bad posture.

Are you one of those people who can relate to it? If yes, then a massage chair is strongly recommended to perfect your posture. It will keep your body flexible and relaxed. Thus, you can get rid of your bad posture gradually.

Enhanced mood

When you return home after being fully tired at work, all you yearn for is to relax. You wish someone to give you a nice message that can take away all the tiredness and then you can sleep peacefully.

This dream can be turned into reality by investing some of your money to buy a quality massage chair. So, whatever your mood is after work, just sit in your massage chair and let it work on your body. It will gently take away your grim and tiredness within minutes.

This way, you will feel relaxed with your mood enhanced and ready to embrace the challenges of the next day. So, all this can be made possible with a massage chair.

Improved relationships

A huge number of people are suffering from stress all over the globe as we speak. It gives birth to so many diseases and disorders and even deteriorates your relationships. Hence, looking for ways to minimize stress must be one of your objectives.

Using a massage chair, you can let your body taste the flavor of relaxation. And when your body and mind are relaxed, your body rejuvenates. Hence, you can feel good vibes and positivity. And when your mental health is good, you can save your relationships at the home, office, and in society. It is better to take action early so that you do not have to regret it later.

So, these were some of the many benefits of a massage chair. You can bring it home to experience the real-time experiences to calm your body and mind.

ModelType Zero GravityAirbagsMassage stylesWarrantyRatings
JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office 
Full-bodyYes 22 6 1 Year4.5
Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity MassageFull-bodyYes 28 5 1 Year4.4
Osim Uinfinity Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair
Full-bodyYes Multiple5 1 Year4.2
Bodyfriend 4D Massage ChairFull-bodyYes 38 5 1 Year4.1
Carefit India's Latest Zero Gravity 4D Massage ChairRecline Yes Multiple Multiple 1 Year3.9
Irelax Sl-A51 Massage ChairOttoman No 8 4 6 Months 3.8

Best Massage Chairs in India in 2020

#1. JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office 

|Type: Full-body |Zero Gravity: Yes |Airbags: 22 |Massage styles: 6 |Warranty: 1 Year |Special features: Heat therapy, Foot roller


+ Saving-saving design

+ Customization for massage intensity

+ Lots of massage techniques

+ Effective massaging yet gentle to the skin

+ Comfortable setup

+ Excellent reviews


Foot rollers sometimes can be harsh

The first on our list is this massage chair by brand JSB, known for its impeccably designed products. This massage chair has everything you might wish in your desired massage chair because it offers effective massaging to your entire body, delivers superb performance, and solid features.

The massaging set is elegant with black leathers to enhance its looks. Place the chair anywhere with sufficient space in your office or home. By placing it in your living room, you can enjoy TV or music along with massaging to enjoy it more. The chair is designed to support 110 kg weight.You can enjoy six massage styles with the chair including tapping, kneading, tapping with kneading, knocking, airbag compressing, and Shiatsu massage. You can take advantage to relieve yourself from stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

If you are suffering from joint stiffness and back pain, you can leverage the Spot Massage features equipped in this massage chair that can target specific areas and provides you massage like a therapy. After you return exhausted from the gym or a stressed day at work, you can enjoy the zero gravity and Shiatsu massage to relax your body.

JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair
JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair


The massage chair works wonders for the elderly as well who are struggling with muscle stiffness on the calves or aching feet. You can enjoy 5 massage styles on your feet and legs. If you have muscle tension or pains in these areas, the chair can offer leg massage with airbags, calf massage, rolling feet and ankle lift massage with airbags, etc.

It offers 5 auto modes for you to choose including ache relief, massaging on the upper and lower body, comfort, and relax. Hence, choose any of the modes to target your pains. If you want you can save am auto mode to enjoy later. It gives you the freedom to manage the massage intensity using the supported remote anytime while the heat treatment can be enjoyed through heating pads provided in the back.

The overall system is completely adjustable and includes an intelligent system to reposition its rollers automatically with respect to the height of an individual. You can leverage fully customized massaging to relax your entire body.

Key features

Zero gravity massage

22 airbags on the legs, arms, and shoulders

5 auto modes

Heat therapy

Spot and stretching massage


The brand JSB offers 1 year of warranty on the product.

#2. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage

|Type: Full-body |Zero Gravity: Yes |Airbags: 28 |Massage styles: 5 |Warranty: 1 Year |Special features: Hand massage, back muscle warming, 2D auto-detection


+ Easy and silent operation

+ Hand massage for humanized feel

+ Superior relaxation with zero gravity massage

+ Back muscle heating effective for back pain

+ Smooth and customization of features

+ Height adjustments through 2D auto-detection


Customer service can be improved

If you want to enjoy the complete body massage, then another fine option is available for you. This massage chair by Robotouch takes the massaging experience to another level by offering the impressive hand massager that can move vertically. 4 wheels drive this hand massager to provide relief to your stiff joints and tired hands. With rollers that can massage your heels and foot thoroughly, you can get rid of those aching feet of yours. The chair can be inclined and provide you with ultimate relaxation through zero gravity massage.

The massage chair offers the highest number of total air bags to let you enjoy thorough massaging. It includes 16 airbags for your legs, 8 airbags for your entire arm set, and 4 airbags for your upper arms along with 3 intensity modes. Carbon fibers are provided at the massage chair’s back to emit heat automatically to warm up the back and hip muscles in order to release your pain and improve blood circulation.

Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage
Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage


The chair features the mechanism of 2D auto-detection to automatically place the pads on the shoulder based on your height. It also includes 5 massage styles namely, Shiatsu, flapping, kneading, knocking, flapping with kneading. It provides ultimate relaxation through massaging your pressure points from the neck to your soles. On top of that, it features 5 speed levels to adjust the intensity of massaging.

You can even choose from a variety of different in-built massage modes such as comfort, ache relief, upper body and lower body massage. It includes a full-body massage such as fixed, overall, and partial massage where its arm massager goes up & down so as to accurately adjust your pressure points.

Speaking of the operation, the massage chair is super easy to operate and works silently. In fact, this is one of the most silent options you can have in the Indian market.

Key Features

Hand massager
Back muscle warming
Zero gravity massage
2D auto detection mechanism
28 airbags
3 intensity modes
5 speed adjustment levels
6 massage styles and modes
2 Memory modes


The brand offers 1 year of warranty on the product.

#3. Osim Uinfinity Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

|Type: Full-body |Zero Gravity: Yes |Massage styles: 5 |Warranty: 1 Year |Special features: Human Smart Massage Technology, Acupressure, Retractable footrest


+ Human-like massaging experience

+ Extended comfort with retractable footrest

+ Sturdy product build

+ Customized massage options

+ Ultra-soft body


– Expensive

Osim is the brand known for its excellent products as a result of rigorous R&D. Recently, the brand introduced its sophisticated model Uinfinity, intended to provide you with human-like pampering to provide relaxation from pain, aches, and even stress.

As compared to other massage chairs, this model truly understands the needs of different types of body and their ailments and lets you customize the programs accordingly. You can choose from active lifestyle, therapeutic relief, daily basics, lifestyle essentials, and so on. The goal of all these programs is to offer the well-being of individuals and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The massage chair by Osim looks stylish yet professional and is available in three colors – berry red, brown, and cream, the choice is yours!

Osim Uinfinity Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair
Osim Uinfinity Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair


This chair has massage programs for almost everybody, whether you are a businessman, of any gender, sportsperson, athlete, or if you want the chair to leverage for enhancing your beauty or health. It offers programs such as CEO, Tai Tai, Golfer, Beauty, Health Mum, Shopper, Sports recovery, etc. You can also download more programs.

This full-body massage chair is equipped with zero gravity massaging to offer ultimate experience by evenly distributing your weight to provide relief to your body. It has 5 massage styles including tapping, kneading, full rolling, lifestyle massage, and deep tissue massage for enhanced performance.

The Human Smart Massage Technology is equipped in the massage chair for providing acupressure accurately, more blood circulation, and de-stressing your muscles. With its deep intuitive systems, you can choose both modes of operation – automatic and manual. Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred option from a variety of different pre-set programs.

Following are the pre-set programs for achieving better massaging experience:

Scholar Relax: It offers head to toe massage in order to provide enhanced relaxation to your body and rejuvenate your tissues.

Scholar Energize: It focuses on improving your concentration for academics or work through intensive massaging.

Hot-Stone Treatment: This massaging with warm acupressure provides relief from muscle stiffness and pains.

Air Spa: Massaging is done through compressing air bags along with warm Shiatsu to provide better blood flow and relaxation.

Based on your height, the chair adjusts your legs and shoulders so that you feel comfortable and enjoy greater massaging experience. The retractable footrest is equipped to achieve the same goal and provides comfort to your legs.

Key Features

Zero Gravity: Yes
Massage styles: 5
Human Smart Massage Technology
Retractable footrest
Options to download more massage programs
Includes air bags and rollers
Spot massage


The brand offers 1 year of warranty on the product.

#4. Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

|Type: Full-Body |Zero Gravity: Yes |Airbags: 38 |Massage styles: 5 |Warranty: 1 Year |Special features: Heat Therapy, Bluetooth speaker, airbags with vibrator, 4D Body Scan


+ Soothing and pampering massage with hand massager

+ Better pain relief to the back, feet, and hips with heat therapy

+ Enhanced communication with Bluetooth speaker

+ Silent operation

+ Customization



If you are looking for an affordable option, this massage chair by Boyfriend is for you. Its features and performance are what you can see in expensive products. The 4D massage chair offers hand massage with its 4 wheels that are driven vertically and work silently.

It offers 5 different types of massage styles including Shiatsu, flapping, kneading, flapping with kneading, and knocking. Additionally, it has a total of 38 air bags which is rare even in high-end massage chairs. It includes 24 airbags for your legs, 8 around the arms, 4 on your shoulders, and 2 on your hips that can work with vibration and heat therapy.

The machine is equipped with foot rollers that work with heat therapy to relieve all your muscle stiffness and pains. Through the technology of automatic body scanning, the chair can detect the position of your shoulders and then locate its rollers based on your pressure points. It impresses more by incorporating the zero gravity massaging in it.

Customize your massage programs as per your preference and comfort while the upper body massaging mode lets you configure the rollers in 3 positions – overall, fixed, and partial massage. Control roller massage intensity with the help of 5 massage intensity levels. Furthermore, you can also change kneading ball width to enjoy your preferred massage type.If you want to listen to music while enjoying the massage, the machine has an in-built Bluetooth speaker to let you connect your device and relax with fun!

Key Features

Zero Gravity: Yes
Airbags: 38
Massage styles: 5
Heat Therapy
Hand Massage
Bluetooth speaker
Airbags with vibrator
4D Automatic body scan


The brand offers 1 Year of warranty on the product.

#5. Carefit India’s Latest Zero Gravity 4D Massage Chair

|Type: Recline |Zero Gravity: Yes |Airbags: Multiple |Massage styles: Multiple |Warranty: 1 Year |Special features: 4D Automatic Body Scan, Bluetooth Speaker


+ Customized massage

+ Rollers can reach all over the body

+ Fun with music while having massage

+ Many massage techniques

+ Long SL track


Recliner fabric can be improved

Next up is the massage chair by the brand Carefit. It is an Indian brand which continues to gather attention due to its innovative technologies. This is a luxury massage chair that offers zero-gravity massaging and is especially helpful for individuals with sore muscles, back pain, spinal conditions, and so on.

Carefit India's Latest Zero Gravity 4D Massage Chair
Carefit India’s Latest Zero Gravity 4D Massage Chair


With the chair, you can experience your knees and legs going above the heart level, releasing pressure from the back and other body parts to provide relaxation. The extra-long SL track of 1450 mm is equipped in the massage chair which is curved and can extend up to your hamstrings. Hence, the rollers can move from your neck to the hamstrings to provide effective massage to your entire body. Its rollers can move vertically, horizontally, and even in and out so as to provide deep massage in your muscles and tissues.

The innovative 4D Automatic Body Scan Technology is equipped in the machine that scans your body to find all your pain points. Hence, it can provide effective massaging to your body suitable for different body shape and size. After scanning your body, the chair then adjusts its rollers in order to let them reach the different parts of your body.

The massage chair includes multiple air bags all over the chair including the leg region, for region, along with arm region to provide you with an all-round massaging experience. Furthermore, the product features a Bluetooth speaker that you can seamlessly connect with your device and play your favorite tracks while you keep enjoying the massage to enhance the fun factor!

Key Features

Zero Gravity: Yes
Airbags: Multiple
4D Automatic Body Scan
Bluetooth Speaker
1450 mm long SL track


The brand offers 1 Year of warranty on the product.

#6. Irelax Sl-A51 Massage Chair

|Type: Ottoman |Zero Gravity: No |Airbags: 8 |Massage styles: 4 |Warranty: 6 Months |Special features: High-end roller technology


+ Portable and space saver

+ Reasonable price

+ Cool looks

+ Has essential massages


Lacks advanced features

If you are looking for a budget massage chair that can offer basic massaging and features, this one’s for you. This massage chair by Irelax reclines maximum by 41 degrees and can stretch up to 6.5 cm.

Irelax Sl-A51 Massage Chair
Irelax Sl-A51 Massage Chair


The high-end roller technology is leveraged to offer you expert massaging in 4 different styles including Guasha massage, tapping, kneading, and Shiatsu. The space saving and portable design of this chair makes it to be placed easily in your home including bedroom or living and in your office as well.

The massage chair has 8 airbags that are located on the feet, side of the arms, the back, and the legs. These airbags are placed evenly in order to target your entire body in one go. They can massage your body effectively yet gently to increase your blood circulation and relieve your pains, mind stress and anxiety.

Key Features

Air bags: 8
Massage styles: 4
High-end roller technology
Maximum stretch: 6.5 cm
Maximum reclining: 41 degrees


The brand offers 6 Months of warranty on the product.

Factors to consider while buying a massage chair

Type of chair

You can find different kinds of massage chairs available in the market. Let’s find out each type in detail so that you can decide better which one would be the most useful to you.

Zero gravity massage chairs

These massage chairs include high-end models that are pretty expensive. It lets your body remain in a reclined position and your body does not need to sustain the weight. Lying in this position can give you a similar feeling as that of a body in zero gravity space.

The benefit of this position is that your vertebrae relax and the overall massaging experience improves. A zero gravity massage chair keeps your legs and heart to remain in the same level. This way, your heart is not required to push itself too hard so as to pump blood and then circulate it to your legs. Hence, it can relax for a while that enhances its efficiency.

Furthermore, this position also distributes your body weight across the massage chair. Consequently, you would feel the airbags and rollers working on your body and enjoy a great massaging experience.

Full-body massage chairs

These types of massage chairs provide massage to your entire boy right from the neck to your legs. Thus, you can feel that pain wash away from your body and it relaxes your body to a great extent. These massage chairs are expensive but can help you provide relief from everyday stress, pains, and sore muscles.


A recline massage chair is a lower-end variety of zero-gravity massage chairs. The main difference between the two of them is that in the former, your body would not get the complete support of the chair.

In this case, your legs would not get lifted to come to the same height as your heart. Hence, you would not feel the same experience as that of a zero-gravity massage chair.Recline massage chairs, however, can be reclined enough to offer a super relaxing experience. You can also use them while reading a book or watching TV.


This massage chair is similar in appearance to a traditional massage chair. It includes a chair where you can rest your body in sitting position while your foot can be rested on a footstool. If you want to buy a budget massage chair that can provide effective results for your body, this chair is a good option.

Size of the Chair

You can find massage chairs of different sizes as well as frames. They are designed to be used for general user needs and are suitable for short and tall people alike. If you buy a massage chair that can accommodate your body well, then only you can leverage its benefits.

Hence, before buying it, check the height and weight of the massage chair for your convenience. Speaking of the weight, massage chairs are generally heavy and you might need a helping hand to move it. But there are a few light-weight chairs available also. The minimum weight of these massage chairs range around 20 kilograms while it may increase up to 45-140 kilograms as well.

Coming to the height of massage chairs, some manufacturers have certain height limits. It is especially needed if the user height is more than 6 feet or less than 5 feet. In such a scenario, the user will not be able to utilize the benefits completely.Many people are seen complaining that the massage roller failed to hit the specific spots that they are meant for such as shoulders, hips, etc., while others have complained about discomfort.

Hence, before buying a massage chair, it is imperative to check the size, height, and weight so as to bring home the chair that can provide an effective massaging experience.

Space Acquired

Space is another important aspect that you must consider while buying a massage chair. A heavy and bulky chair takes lots of space in your home. It can become a problem if you have space issues at your home.

Hence, always check the product description and instruction manual to get an idea about its dimension. This way, you can calculate whether the massage chair is feasible for you or not. If you want to buy a recliner massage chair that would need some free space surrounding it, make sure you have a sufficient space to install it.

In general, massage chairs require about 18-24 inches of space between its rear and adjacent wall. However, some manufacturers also offer the space-saving technology that requires around 4 inches for reclining back. You can buy it if you have space issues.

Roller tracks

The basic function of roller tracks equipped in a massage chair equipped is to execute the massaging process. Several round balls are included that travel along its track in forward, backward, lateral, and vertical direction to mimic a human hand touch. On the basis of their shapes, there are two categories of roller tracks and the massage chairs available in India consist of anyone of these two types:


A majority of massage chairs have S-Track rollers. As the name suggests, the rollers move forming an S shape all along the back of the user as per his/her spine curvature. Rollers can cover the areas from the neck to your tailbone. If you have pain in your back, this type of roller track is perfect for you. They are also famous for delivering exceptional massages.


This roller system is actually an extended version of S-track. The difference between them is that while the S-track runs up and down on the back, L-track extends its journey to reach down to the glutes. Furthermore, it then moves along to the back of the thighs to give more pain relief and relaxation. This is ideal for you if you have soreness in your thighs, leg pains, lower back pains, and more.

Massage Style

The main aim behind buying a massage chair is the type of massages it can offer to benefit you more. Different massaging styles focus on different areas of your body so as to provide optimum results.

Hence, the massage chair you are going to buy must accommodate your needs to enjoy the full advantage of the machine and your money. Listed below are some of many massaging styles:

Shiatsu Technique

Shiatsu is basically a Japanese method of body work to achieve body-energy balance. The work “Shiatsu” is coined by combining two Japanese words, namely, “Shi” – finger and “Atsu” – pressure.

As per Japanese Ministry of Health, Shiatsu technique involves massaging with fingers, palms, and thumbs for correcting internal malfunctions and promoting health. Using this technique, the machine applies pressure to your stress points especially on the back. The massage chair can use either rollers or air bags to provide the Shiatsu technique.


Many refer to this as a percussive technique of massaging that can stimulate your muscles. As human fists generate pounding and striking movements while massaging, a massage chair can mimic similar movements.

The rollers equipped in the chair move against and towards your back. Alternatively, certain massage chairs can also inflate and deflate air bags to improve blood circulation, tissue elasticity, and local temperature.


Traditional rolling technique included lifting and rolling the skin between the fingers of the masseur. In modern massage chairs, the rollers mimic the similar movements by going up and down your body.

In the similar fashion, certain models of massage chairs utilize air bags and may combine both air bags and rollers so as to offer rolling massage. If you have muscular tension and want to tighten your loose skin, this technique is perfect for you.


This technique includes pressure application in slow circular motion to compress your soft tissues with each other. Modern massage chairs use airbags that inflate and deflate slowly in order to mimic the human hand movements. This massaging technique can increase your tissue flexibility, treat sore muscles, and provide pain relief.

Special techniques

Apart from above mentioned techniques, there are certain additional massaging methods that may differ from one model to another. Some of those techniques include spinal relief, muscle stretch, heated massage, yoga, combo, and reflexology.

Hence, if you want more massaging techniques, you can go for a massage chair that can provide more number of different techniques.

Body Coverage

There are massage chairs designed specifically to concentrate on different body parts such as back muscles or some can offer full-body massage. If you have neck or back pain, you can go for a normal massage chair. But if you are an athlete or have frequent leg pains, then choose your massage chair accordingly to get more concentration on certain areas.

Some of the massage chairs offering coverage to certain body parts with following types of massaging:

Head massager

People with frequent headaches and migraines can go for a massage chair equipped with a head massager. You can find message chairs offering head massage up to the neck only so you can also go for an extra head massager that can target head muscles to offer greater relief.

Neck massager

Neck massaging is included in the majority of massage chairs. So, if you are suffering from neck pain or experience mild stress, make sure your massage chair has this function.

Arm massager

Some models of massage chairs utilize compression to offer arm relaxation while others use some special pockets so as to hold the arms when the muscle is compressed by the airbags. Besides, some models can massage your arms in an event when your arms are kept on the armrests.

Hip massager

Massage chairs are equipped with airbags that rest around your hip area. But there are some models with extra features to target your spine area precisely. This way, it will compress your muscles with air bags and offer pain relief. There are more advantages of this function because it helps in maintaining a proper alignment of your hip and spine.

Foot massager

Foot massager is essential to take away your daily tiredness and especially if you spend a lot of time in standing pose or you are a frequent traveler. The foot massager equipped in the massage chair can relieve you from all those pains on your foot as they carry your entire body weight.

You can find massage chairs with a separate foot massager as ottoman or an in-built one. These massagers use air bags, rollers, or rotary discs to massage your foot. You can even get a heated massage.

Massage intensity

Similar to massage length, intensity also varies across models. You can customize the intensity and pressure of massage to suit your needs in some of the massage chairs. Motors equipped in the massage chair control the massage intensity. More number of motors means more power can be applied. It is wiser to choose a massage chair with more motors along with the option to customize it so that you can leverage it the way you want.


Before you choose a massage chair, it is better to look at the features it can provide you with. Modern massage chairs are equipped with a plethora of features but you must think whether those features are needed for you or not. Again, more features mean more pricing. Hence, look for chairs offering features that you are going to use and then pay for it.

So, here are some of the features you can read about and decide you need which ones.

Heat massage by using infrared rollers or heated pads to enhance blood circulation along with muscle relaxation.

Rollers are used for relaxing and comfortable massaging experience, sooth your muscles, and blood circulation.

Roller strokes are equipped for effective and more relaxed massage

Spinal stretch to offer pain relief on the back and spine

Body scan is done to understand the pain points of your body and provide customized massage session accordingly

Vibration to target glutes and legs for better massage experience

Air compression through air bags to massage the arms, neck, shoulders, hips, and legs effectively.

Acupressure points to focus in specific pressure points of your body to relieve you from soreness and pain


1. Best full body massage chair

Answer: You can consider the JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office. This massage chair offers great performance, solid features, and all-round massaging experience. It offers 6 massage styles, zero-gravity, Shiatsu massaging, 5 auto-modes, 22 air bags for legs, shoulders, and arms, heat therapy and many more features and comes with one years of warranty.

2. Best zero gravity chair

Answer: Again, you can go for JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office due to its great performance, solid features, and all-round massaging experience.

Or, you can also consider Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair. This massage chair includes a hand massager, 4 air bags for the upper arms, 16 air bags for the legs, and 8 air bags for your full arms. It offers 3 intensity modes, 2D auto-detection, 5 massage modes and speed levels, and zero gravity to relax all your body. It also comes with 1 year of warranty.

3. Best brand for massage chairs in India

Answer:  Best brand for massage chairs in India according to our research is JSB. This brand has produced excellent performing massage chairs with impeccable features and technology along with striking looks. Their product like JSB MZ-16 mentioned at the top in this guide is the perfect example of its technology brilliance.

Apart from this, its products such as JSB MZ-15, JSB MZ-24 3D, JSB MZ-30, and many others are manufactured leveraging cutting-edge technology and impactful features to provide you relief from pains, aches, stress, and anxiety.

Wrapping Up

With the increasing competition and tough schedule, people are easily becoming prone to so many ailments and discomforts. If you come home stressed after a busy day at work, do not worry! This is the era of technology where everything seems to be possible. Bring a quality massage chair home to release all your pains and discomfort occurring in your body. Feel relaxed by using this awesome boon of technology and get ready to embrace the challenges of the next day!

Based on our research, we found JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office as the best massage chair in the list due to its great performance, solid features, and all-round massaging experience. It offers 6 massage styles, has zero-gravity and Shiatsu massaging, 5 auto-modes, 22 airbags and many more features to provide relief to your entire body and comes with one years of warranty.

So, when you buy a massage chair keep in mind the factors that are necessary as mentioned above to bring home only the best massage chair to avail of the optimum massaging experience!

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