Resource on data recovery basics, building a quiet PC, etc.

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Best Price Computers is a UK based PC manufacturer that runs a stand alone site that revolves around IT related do-it-yourself information. The site includes both IT guides and what it calls a “glossary on business IT terms.” One particular article worthy of mention is “Data Recovery: What is Data Recovery?” It succinctly describes the basic data recovery process and provides a step-by-step guide of what NOT to do if you find yourself needing data recovery.

The glossary is by no means complete. But it’s not trying to be; it’s more a hand picked “greats hits” of topics the company surely has come across frequently when working with its customers. In the same way that started as a site focusing around relevant tech tutorials and computer basics (check out some of our earlier articles in the do-it-yourself category), Best Price Computers’ is picking a combination of broad topics and niche needs.

While it may not necessarily be a resource you’ll want to check out regularly, it provides some good content for future reference. Some other articles on the site I found interesting: Why RAID may be bad for you, How to transfer data and programs from an older PC to your new one, and How to build a quiet computer.

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