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Let’s face it, we have so much to do in these 24 hours of every day that there is hardly any time left for household chores. When it comes to the kitchen, who wants to get into a huge pile of dirty dishes? 

We know what you need, the best dishwasher for your kitchen. The fabulous gadget allows you to clean, sterile, and shine your dirty dishes without any hard work. 

Are you looking for a perfect fit? Have you looked around but are frustrated by the immense variety available in the market? We have something for you- A list of the 6 best dishwater. 

These are not something anyone would brag about but they are genuinely loved by people. So, this list is based on reviews, user experience, powers after, and much more. 

This amazing gadget is slowly becoming a symbol of convenience, cleanliness, and a solid way of life. Thus, all this great dishwater in the market will not only make your job easier but also go easy on your power bills.  

So, let us take a look at all the best dishwashers you can use in 2021. (Latest update)

1. IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher


best dishwasher in india

As our first item on the list, we have an IFB home machine that is popular for being a productive, modern, and quite an impressive dishwasher. This IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher satisfies your hopes and offers you more than just clean dishes. It is a free-standing dishwasher with a front-loading and adroit design that is made specifically for your kitchen. 

This best dishwasher has a mode that uses a jet washer to clean less oily utensils in only 18 minutes. So, your easy-going things will be all clean in no time and that includes your fancy mugs, plates, pots, and kettles. its shelves and racks are easily adjustable. This means, no matter if you will be washing large or small vessels, you do not have to worry about its performance. 


  • Works with steam drying technology. 
  • Leave no stain or marks on the utensils.
  • You can easily use an upper rack, lower rack, or both. 
  • You can use half of its loading capacity with ease. 
  • It comes at a price of around Rs 33500. 
  • Counted among top-selling dishwashers on Amazon. 
  • It has a water mellowing device to mollify hard water to 60 degrees.  

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2. BPL 12 Place Settings Dishwasher


best dishwasher in india

If you are looking for something reasonable yet branded, this one’s for you. BPL 12 Place setting dishwashers are the best ones for Indian-style heavy-stains. With a contemporary design, clean look, and a stylish sense, it will mix in effectively with the designer interior of your modern Indian Kitchen. This dishwasher has a clear LED display to ensure a great look and feel. 

While using this dishwasher, you can easily fold the vessels for different sizes of the vessels. It works with a stack of 8 wash programs that suit various sorts of utensils and cooking pots. Moreover, it cleans them efficiently without leaving any marks. And trust us when we say that it can literally clean every bad stain you can have on your dishes and cookware. 


  • It supports a half-load function. 
  • It costs Rs 26,000 (approximately. 
  • A 12 spot setting makes it simple to clean a large number of utensils at a time.
  • Until you have pots with burnt food, there is no compelling reason to `pre-wash the utensils at all.

3. IFB 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

best dishwasher in india

Our third best dishwasher is from the brand that is widely confided in through the Indian households is the IFB free standing 12 place settings dishwasher. This is the best dishwasher in India that has an appealing cost as its features. Being fully automatic dishwater, this one has naturally drying, and front-loading features. Talk about its looks, it is very rich and elegant in its modern design and color. So, a great fit for your modern kitchen. 

Here comes the best part. This is an eco-friendly dishwasher. You are probably wondering how? Well, it utilizes less water, less cleanser, and saves a lot on power bills with A++ energy proficiency. Amazing, right? No matter what you need to wash- Big glasses, round cups, or enormous pots and dishes, the customizable racks and crates help you utilize the space according to your requirements. 


  • There is a half load function for less number of utensils.  
  • It costs around Rs 27,000. 
  • Another best-seller on Amazon. 
  • It mollifies hard water with its in-build functions.
  • This one can dissolve detergent or soap effectively. 
  • Give a proper shine and excellent cleanliness.

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4. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

best dishwasher in india

Appealing designs and creative functions in Siemens dishwashers make it the best dishwasher choice for Indians. The german-designed brand unites speed, proficiency, and convenience to offer you a perfectly clean dish without fail. It has a flexible upper rack and 2 collapsing plate racks with a cutlery basket that allows you to use the maximum space possible. 

This is a SpeedMatic dishwasher that gives clean results in less time. What’s more? There are improved 6 wash programs and 12 place settings that make it work wonders. Moreover, you can set the clock of the dishwasher to wash the dishes as per your time. 

Save water and power by washing utensils even when the heap of dishes is less. You can get this best dishwasher very easily online for Rs. 36356.


  • Accompanies a HygienePlus feature that kills 99.99% of germs with every wash. 
  • It keeps the temperature at 70 degrees during the final rinsing.
  • It saves water as well as power even when there is load. 
  • The cost of this one is around ₹37000.
  • It accompanies EcoSilence drive and Stainless steel/polinox inner tub.

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5. LG 14 Place Setting Dishwasher


best dishwasher in india


LG is undoubtedly one of the leading brands in the market, especially when we talk about making household chores easy. Packed with modern innovations and better adaptability. For those looking for something spacious, this one is one great product that too from a renowned dishwasher brand. Therefore, this LG 14 Place Setting dishwasher is here on this list. 

Irrespective of what utensils you need to wash in, with LG’s one-of-a-kind Smart Rack framework you can do that effectively. This dishwasher is packed with 5 wash programs along with 14 place settings. The display on the LED is not that difficult to understand and follow. Also, you can utilize its features as per your needs. 


  • The Inverter Direct Drive Motor guarantees an effective exchange of energy. 
  • It improves its splash power for each round of dishes. Hence, saves a lot of energy. 
  • It costs ₹52,000. So, a little more expensive than the rest.
  • You will fall in love with its 45 DB commotion level that guarantees the least noise coming out of it. 

6. Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher


best dishwasher in india

Here are our 6th and the last best dishwasher on the list. Hands down the best-selling and high-performance dishwasher in India is Bosch’s SMS66GI01I. This dishwasher is completely electronic and free-standing. The racks in this dishwasher are foldable too. Indeed, even your vigorously grimy cooker, frying pans, and huge kadais and skillet will shine once washed in this best dishwasher. 

It is made of stainless steel and Polinox inner tub. All these elements prevent damaging the basket and glass care framework. The dishwasher has 12 spot settings and 6 wash programs. This includes functions like Kadhai, automatic, Express Sparkle, and quick. If you wish, it even allows you to set the timer to wash your dishes. 

There is more to this dishwasher. Sometimes, you will have minimal utensils to wash. This is where you can use its half-loading system that allows you to utilize the dishwasher regardless of the number of utensils. Its EcoSilence Drive feature helps you cut down the cost of bills by making your dishwasher consume low electricity. Besides, this one is excellent to kill all the germs that could possibly be there. How? Because it warms up the water to 70 degrees to give you fine and extremely clean dishes. 


  • It costs ₹ 36,000 on Amazon. 
  • There are bacteria and germs killing ability. 
  • It is a super safe, modern, and easy-to-use dishwasher.
  • It offers easy cleaning of utensils with no need for pre-wash. 
  • Provides for the option of child lock.

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Entering the kitchen and looking at the sink full of dirty dishes can be frustrating. What is the solution? Have a dishwasher. With this list of the best dishwasher, you don’t have to look any further for your preferences. Just know your budget, requirements, and other preferences and start using this advanced product. 

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