Why It’s Smart Not to Go Completely Digital When It Comes to Video Games


Going digital with your video games can have some benefits, such as saving space and getting you the latest releases quickly with no lines or hassles. However, going completely digital can have some downsides, too. While the video games that you just wish to try or have no real stake in may be smart to download, you may wish to purchase hard copies of your favorites or the expensive ones for the following reasons.

There Is Something to Sell Back

trade video games in

When you purchase a hard copy of a video game, you can trade in the game for a newer version or sell it to a video game store. You can also put the game online and make a decent percentage of the sum that you paid for it back. When you purchase a digital copy, you really don’t have anything to sell or trade, so there is no way to get out of paying full price for newer versions or to recoup your purchase price if you grow tired of the game.

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