Weird Tech Gadgets That You Don’t Need – but Are Entertaining to Browse

What The Tech?

The world of tech is ever evolving, so some of the inventions that come out are bound to be a flop. These tech gadgets are just a little more bizarre than your average. While you may not ever actually feel the need to rush out and get them, they are fun to browse and get a giggle out of.

The Flypaper Robotic Clock

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish my alarm clock would take care of these pesky flies?” No? Well apparently somebody did, and thought it was a common problem. This flypaper robotic clock traps flies and then – get this – eats them and uses the power to fuel the clock. The flypaper robotic clock was designed by a UK company. Possibly one of the weirdest inventions ever conceived.

Vita Activity Decision Maker

Say goodbye to the old school magic 8 ball and hello to the new world of tech predicting abilities. This decision maker doesn’t spit out yeses, nos, or maybes, though. Instead, it tells you which activity you should do. Activities include yoga, walking, and sit-ups. Completely unnecessary, as you can totally just pick an activity and run with it, but it may make the process of picking your activity a little more fun.

LCD Belt Buckle

The LCD belt buckle is perfect for watching movies – if you happen to be two and a half feet tall and into walking backwards. Or if you like to stare at your crotch. The LCD belt buckle seems pretty unnecessary, but it is an interesting gadget that has apparently sparked some people’s interests. The $289 belt buckles are sold out and a new and updated version is on the way.

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