Is That Laptop Stolen?! Signs That Your Preowned Device Was Lifted

What The Tech?

When searching for electronics to purchase, going with a pre-owned model can save you a bundle. Purchasing pre-owned comes with many risks, however. Some sellers have come by the electronics by less than ethical means. Fortunately, there are a few signs that you can watch out for to make sure that you aren’t purchasing stolen goods.

The Price Is Notably Low

People that have paid money for a device generally wish to recoup a good portion of that cash when they sell it. For thieves, any amount of money is pure profit. If a device is being offered at a far lower price than the average valuation for that item, it is generally either a lifted item or a broken one.

The Seller Refuses to Reveal the Serial Number

The serial number for a laptop can be used to see if the device was stolen. If a seller says that they don’t have the serial number or otherwise acts shady about giving you the serial number, the device was probably stolen. If you are able to get a serial number on a used device, always check the serial number online to find out whether the device is on any stolen lists.

There Are Few Details Listed

Someone that is selling a device that they have purchased and owned for a while will usually include details about the device like when it was purchased, what condition it is in, and maybe even what it was used for. If there are no details besides what the device actually is, be wary.

The Device Is Password Protected

If a device is password protected and the seller doesn’t know the password, it is probably stolen. Most people will be able to retrieve their password if they are the true owner of the device. Not knowing the password may also make it very difficult for you to use the device.

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