Laptops with Linux installed are on the rise and so is Linux distributions

About some 2 years ago, Juno Computers was started by a young man with a purpose of selling laptops with a pre-installed elementary operating system. Then, his business grew and started to sell laptops with pre-installed Ubuntu. The reason behind this change is not known exactly but it might hint to the rise of Linux installed laptops in the future.

In fact, there are many hints you can notice. At present, you can find Kubuntu Focus or Kubuntu, KDE Slimbook or KDE, Purism Librem or PureOS, Ubuntu or the edition of Dell XPS Developer, System76 laptops, Penguin M3, Huawei Matebook, Pinebook, Tuxedo Red, and so on. This list can go on and on.

All of these clearly highlights that Linux is on the rise and it is a good sign for Linux distributions as well.

High marketing challenges

Laptops with Linux installed are on the rise and so does Linux distributions
Laptops with Linux installed are on the rise and so does Linux distributions


One of the weakest links for Linux is undeniably marketing. But in the age of internet and social media, one would think that marketing is a no brainer. However, this does not hold good for everyone. Even though a brand has a massive audience, marketing becomes sometimes difficult.

Marketing for Linux distribution is tough because not every computer user has a good idea about Linux, so, they do not search about it. And even if they see any ads, they do not give much emphasis to it. If people do not have much idea, they would not care even if Linux distribution is reliable and more secure as compared to Windows.

But people would care when they get a fancy laptop that is sold at a good price. Consumers tend to respond more if they are offered a tangible product rather than just ideals. Linux can win if users are offered with a laptop with Linux power installed in it. It is something which is marketable and ignites the engagement of users about Linux distributions.

So, with these offering to users, Linux powered laptops are on the rise and so does Linux distributions.

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