3 Big Changes Shaking Up Streaming Services


Streaming services are making it possible for thousands to “cut the cord” with cable and enjoy television on their own terms for much cheaper. Users of smart TVs and streaming devices like the Roku have gotten used to familiar app-style channels offering content, but there are a few changes that have come to the streaming world recently. The following changes are shaking things up.

Hulu Is No Longer Free


For those that have relied on Hulu for free content and shows, the streaming service will no longer be offered for free. Hulu is still available for $7.99 per month with commercials of $11.99 without. This may be an annoyance for those that have gotten used to watching favorite shows and movies for free on Hulu. The fee is still reasonable compared to a cable subscription, though, so the change shouldn’t be too painful.

Yahoo View Will Offer Free Content

yahoo view

Most of the free content that Hulu is dropping from its repertoire will be snapped right up by Yahoo View, where it will once again be available to those with streaming capabilities for free. The offering may be a strategic move by Yahoo to bring attention to this new service, an ingenious play on Yahoo’s part. Yahoo also encourages users to connect with one another using Tumblr, which may begin to make TV viewing a more interactive experience between user in different locations.

HBO Now Is Making It Possible for More People to Stream HBO without Cable


HBO Now came onto the scene in March 2015, but was only offered through Apple devices at first. Several months after the new stand alone streaming service was first unveiled, it was made available to users of other brands. However, not every cable provider supported the stand alone service. This is slowly changing as demand increases, however, with many cable companies across the nation slowly coming on board with HBO Now.

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