Introducing The New Chatbot of Google, Meena

Introducing The New Chatbot of Google, Meena!

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Google has something new, something more interactive in its store, Meena, the new chatbot. It is more conversational as compared to the existing Alexa, Siri, Cortana, etc. Google claims that the new chatbot is better than other voice assistants currently that can interact with users about almost anything on this planet.

According to Google, the chatbot Meena is actually a neutral network with parameters approximately 2.6 billion. Furthermore, Google says in a blog post that Meena is an open-domain and multi-turn chatbot that is trained in end-to-end data mining and filtration from social media interactions. The neutral network is also trained to reduce perplexity and automatic metrics that Google can compare against the quality of human conversations.

The blog post also states that Meena has been trained on a lot many words, that, is, about 40 billion. It also utilizes a seq-2-seq model with the famous Transformer architecture. In addition, Google talks about the Specificity and Sensibleness Average that helps to measure a conversational agent’s ability.

Meena scores a remarkable 76% in SSA tests

Introducing The New Chatbot of Google, Meena
Introducing The New Chatbot of Google, Meena

Interestingly, a metric created by Google’s researchers through SSA tests with the assistance of other companies to judge AI-based assistants’ conversational abilities. In the tests, humans scored about 86% while Meena scored a remarkable 76% initially.

Moreover, Google says that other voice assistants actually lack sense along with some basic knowledge. Although these AI-based assistants give some sensible answers but are not that much specific in context with the questions asked. Meena, on the other hand, can interact by making more sense and specificity.

As a matter of fact, AI-based assistants are not really used extensively, but there are some reports of people forming bonds with these AI assistants. Many interact with them so as to counter their loneliness and find emotional support.

As Google claims its chatbot Meena to possess some human-like abilities, the next thing would be to see how does it help people to provide more sense and specificity in its interactions. Would Meena change the game of present-day chatbots and increase the number of users of AI-based assistance? Stay tuned to know more!

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