MIT is ready with its new AI-based Tracking App

COVID-19 Pandemic: MIT is Ready with its New AI-Based Tracking App to Help

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The researchers and experts at MIT are coagulating ways to design a tracking app. The app will effectively detect the monster contagious disease. The outbreak of the pandemic, COVID-19 is troublesome for more than 192 countries. To check this easy spread of the pandemic, the experts at MIT aim to viral this app which will eventually help masses of people to be alert and use the app for a speedy recovery.

MIT’s Tracking App is an oasis in the desert

The busting app is certainly an oasis in the mid-term crisis across the globe. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, the researchers have prepped it. The makers of the app are just waiting for the application it gets real-time. And, this can only happen when users get in touch with it, use it and spread it to their relatives and closer ones. The app is the immigration of a web tool, SafePlaces. This application can curb the spreading of the infection at a large scale. If taken up accurate procedures, this app is a miracle for the rest of the countries. According to the associate professor at MIT Media Lab, Ramesh Raskar, the team is not only making a stand-alone application but also installing a web tool for the health officers to take up trials. To check the bulk of network, the researchers are already facilitated with solutions. The banking and funding processes of the app are already on practices and procedures.

MIT is ready with its new AI-based Tracking App
MIT is Ready with its New AI-Based Tracking App to Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

The extent of the Private Kit: Safe Paths Project

The new application, Private Kit: Paths Project is an open platform for people to keep a record of their meetings in a day. The app can constructively track about where you go and whom you meet. In the process, if someone has the virus, this app that you are going to use can alarm you of the same.

Furthermore, if you test positive with the virus, COVID-19, you can easily communicate with the health authorities. Along with this sharing of information, the app will indicate the number of people interacted with you who will be further taken into the examination. One simple tracking app can actually normalize the curve of death rate that has quantitatively risen in a span of three months. The app is going to keep it informed to people overall. The decision to take up testing or self-quarantine is up to the people and health experts to whom you have tries to reach can tell.

Infringing privacy is not the word

The tracking app will only consume your location and the people who surrounded you while you allowed the virus to grow in you. Giving it a name that the app infringed privacy will take out the lives of many from the ventilators. MIT’s tracking app only aims to bring out two major things: effective quarantine and quicker identification of patients infected with Coronavirus. The risk of high spreading of the disease can be checked retrospectively if this tracking app comes into force.

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