15 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites 2021

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Sitting at home, scrolling through the phone, eating those not-so-good snacks. Don’t you feel bored living this monotonous lifestyle? Well! I have an idea, why don’t you go for binge-watching online shows and movies? You must be wondering it is something that costs money. But the truth is, there are some FREE Live TV Streaming sites you can go for. 

You must be wondering is that possible? The answer is YES!.

There are hundreds of streaming sites accessible online that are free. However, it’s true you need to pick only the good ones. And even if you find something worth watching, you will be constantly disturbed by necessary ads. 

Here we are with a list you want. Yes! That’s the 15 best free TV streaming sites. So, say goodbye to your old, boring days and make everyday special streaming awesome shows for free. 

So, let us take a quick look.

Best free live TV streaming sites

1. YuppTV

First up we have YuppTV that is gaining popularity in the world of online entertainment. This app works with many other companies such as advanced media, film studios, and other significant TV organizations.  This free TV streaming platform has more than 100 live stations and offers on-request movies on its platform. 

For users who are looking for a not-so-heavy Live TV Streaming application, this one is a great choice. 

Key Features

  • Users can stream it later offline as well.
  • You can enjoy sports, comedy, radio, music, and much more. 
  • It works on various devices be it iOS, Android, or Windows. 
  • Good video quality
  • Beginner-friendly interface.


best free live tv streaming sites


2. Squid TV

Squid TV is a worldwide streaming platform that can make your live TV watching experience very simple. How? Because it is popular for giving you a content-rich library divided into sections such as languages, countries, and genres. 

This platform comes with an easy-to-use guide that can help you access channels you can access in your area. 

Key Features

  • Top-notch content 
  • The adequate free streaming platform
  • Channels and programs work as per geographical navigation. 
  • Items are also segregated based on content (kids, family, or adults).
  • Regional classification makes it simple to pick and stream your chosen content.


best free live tv streaming sites


3. Crackle

Crackle is our next option which quenches your entertainment thirst without asking for money in return. Do sign up to this platform and start watching your best shows. Apart from any ordinary program, Crackle is also renowned for its original content that you would love for sure. 

Key Features 

  • Has an incredibly natural UI that makes navigation exceptionally simple.
  • Has Crackle original shows
  • Asks for signup before using.
  • It notifies you about the most recent releases and uploads.

best free live tv streaming sites

4. 123tvnow.com

Up next we have 123TVnow that another impressive streaming site for TV fans. That too for free. This platform has a collaboration with more than 70 channels that ensures you find the perfect entertainment for your binge-watching. 

Key Features

  • Amazing television experience
  • It allows you to have multiple streamings in one window. 
  • There are niches divided into Amusement, Family, worldwide news, and more. 
  • Easy to get to your channel or entertainment content.
  • Sports and games channel available


5. ShowBox

ShowBox is our next free TV Streaming site, that too live entertainment. This one allows you to enjoy the best quality films and TV shows without disturbance or any interruptions. Again, it has a content library that has rich entertainment videos for you. All its benefits and user experience are what make this a great choice for you. 

Key Features

  • You can change the video resolution as per preference.
  • Sign up and get access to amazing movies, shows, and many other videos.
  • It’s easy to find your type of entertainment on this platform. 


live streaming


6. Lihattv.com

Lihattv stands apart from its competitors because of its consistent user experience. Its major focus is to provide pleasant video streaming presented in excellent designs and format. First of all, it’s pretty simple to look for channels in Lihattv. Besides, the menu is available right at the top. So, say NO to all the struggle you go through just to find that one perfect entertainment piece. 

Key Features 

  • The perfect combination of easy and high-quality performance. 
  • Its designs are an inspiration for big Live TV Streaming sites.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • LihatTV offers a remarkable viewing experience. 
  • Allows different channel streams in one window. 


best free live tv streaming sites


7. Airtel TV

Now, let’s see our next item on the list, Airtel TV which is also one of the most popular live TV streaming sites. 350 Live TV Channels in one window? Sounds strange? It’s because you haven’t tried Airtel TV. Airtel TV has all the amazing amusement buffs. You can undoubtedly enjoy a wide range of content such as news, sports, films and daily soaps, and much more.

Key Features 

  • It works on up to 5 gadgets with a single sign-in
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy-to-use app/site
  • Its original movies and series are also available. 


best free live tv streaming sites


8. HotStar

HotStar is our next Free Live TV Streaming platform where you find many choices for your entertainment. What makes it best? It is all because of the number of programs, shows, films, and more it has. In total, there is 1,00,000+ hours worth of motion pictures available with this. 

Key Features

  • Hotstar offers fantastic performance concerning technology.
  • You can watch programs in 9 dialects
  • Most of its exclusive shows are only available with the Premium plan. 
  • Over 300 million shows, films, and videos are available. 
  • Its Original shows significant and elite content. 


best free live tv streaming sites


9. Time4TV

Want something international? Here we have Time4TV that offers a variety of Hindi, News, Sports, US, and UK channels. You can simply look for your ideal TV station and appreciate the free content in top quality. 

Time4TV is ideal for sports lovers because here they can find 60 game channels. That can be Sony Network, Sky Network, Fox Network, BT Sports, NBA TV, and the list goes on. 

Key Features

  • It has an interactive interface.
  • Easy browsing.
  • There are various categories available in different languages and genres.

10. BBC iPlayer

BBC is the most recent contestant in the category of live content streaming. It keeps you abreast with everyday news and entertainment. This famous name in the field of media broadcasting. It offers channels like BBC One, Two, Three, Four, CBBC, Radio1, BBC News, CBeebies, and whatnot. 

Key Features

  • You will find exclusive shows. 
  • Stream shows coming straight from the UK
  • Advanced plans available
  • Incredibly simple navigation.


best free live tv streaming sites


11. MXPlayer

MX player is one of the most popular TV stream apps available on the internet. Download the app or you can just use its website, it is that versatile. This one is quite popular especially after its most famous web series “Aashram”. So, I guess many of you must be familiar with it. What else? You can browse a wide range of music, watch the latest buzz, and enjoy live Tv. 

Key Features

  • One of the most popular streaming platforms
  • You can find News, Live TV, music, buzz, and more.
  • There are over 12 languages available. 
  • You can find various genres be it thriller, comedy, drama, or crime.  


best free live tv streaming sites

12. NFL Stream

If you want to try something with different dialects, you must go for the NFL live stream. The best thing about this is that it accompanies an instinctive interface supporting various languages like Italian, Spanish, French, and Arabic. Another best thing? You can easily access it if you add it as one of those Google Chrome extensions. Easy, Right?

Key Features

  • Different genres
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Known for its smooth streaming
  • Worldwide accessibility.


best free live tv streaming sites


13. TVCatchup

Up next, we have TVCatchup that is a UK-based free-to-air platform. The good news is, it works on multiple devices. So, without any disturbance, you can watch your favorite shows on your smartphones, desktop, or tablets. This Internet TV administration retransmits Channel4, BBC, ITV, Channel 5, and many others for your life catching up.

Key Features

  • Functions admirably on a cell phone just as the PC.
  • Excellent picture quality. 
  • Free vintage movies available
  • Stream Live from the UK. 



14. Streema

How about STREEMA your most favourite content from all the countries? This amazing portal serves you the best largest streaming content options. Do check them out. Contents collected from around the planet are arranged under categories based on region, genres, and even languages. Hence, it’s easier for you to pick out from a wide range of categories.

Key Features 

  • Holds the largest stock of TV channels + radio. 
  • Content is efficiently coordinated
  • Easy browsing.




15. Cinema APK

Last but not least, we have Cinema APK that can fill in as your definite partner for online streaming. It has well-sorted navigation that guarantees a great user experience. Here comes the best quality, you can access Cinema APK via any other streaming gadget. For instance, Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TV, Kodi, Android, Roku, and Nvidia 

Key Features 

  • You can have top-notch motion pictures and TV shows. 
  • It sends you updates whenever new content comes up.
  • Advanced content for people who enjoy extraordinary things. 


cinema apk


Conclusion Free Live TV Streaming

Finding a perfect platform for your entertainment can be more time-consuming than actually watching. If you are someone who does not want to spend even a single penny on watching TV, these free live tv streaming sites are for you. Watch world-class shows, news, movies, and MUCH MORE. 

Don’t just browse, try these out and you never know if something great comes up.

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