Redesigned, Again

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The Search engine is going through another makeover in a continued effort to boost the number of its users.

The relaunch is only the latest in a series of changes, with the more famous one being the decision to drop its iconic butler in early 2006 and the introduction of new applications in 2007. is trying to differentiate itself from Google and seeks to become the choice search engine for those asking questions, rather than typing keywords. While such questions account for about 5% of searches to Google, Yahoo, and Microsft Live Search, asking questions accounts for 15% for Ask’s queries. spokesman stated that the redesigned website will be faster, increase the relevancy of search results and be based on improved semantic search technology.

The redesign isn’t projected to be a game changer. Google has tremendous brand recognition. An incredible number of customers are Googling and media habits of any kind are hard to change.

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