I Blame the Internet for My Lack of Reading Books, What’s Your Excuse?

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I must say, I love this day and age where information flows freely. I remember back (what, ten years ago?) when I took magazine and/or newspaper subscriptions seriously. There were (are) so many, and they all cost money. Which ones should I subscribe to? Which are worth the time of sifting through pages to find what I really want?

But now, finding information to stay up-to-date on your news or hobbies? Who spends time actually searching for information they used to get in a magazine or newspaper? I know I don’t. It’s almost in front of me before I’m ready for it; I’m still catching up with what’s considered olds news because it’s been a couple days. Sites like Techmeme or Google News aggregate it for me. Combine that with my favorite RSS feeds via Google Reader (all of which are free daily updates of what I used to pay for via magazines or newspapers) and I have some good, quality information that interests me.

But when was the last time I read a book? I can’t remember; I’m too busy reading magazines and newspapers (or the Internet, which sounds worse? It’s really the same thing). I used to love reading books, but now I feel like they’re extremely long, time consuming, and lack variety (remember that most of what I read now is by a different author every page or two).

I’m not saying this with pride. In fact, it’s a little embarrassing. Not enough to keep me from posting it publicly, though. I’m curious to know if others have experienced this or a flavor of it. Does the Internet cause you to read books less?

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