iPod Integration Now on Planes

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Apple today announced its latest deal: partnering with with six airlines to integrate the already ubiquitous iPod portable music and video player into airline in-flight entertainment systems. The airlines include Air France, Continental, Delta, United, and Emirates Airlines. Starting sometime next year, these airlines will provide passengers with a seat connection that will power and charge iPods. The iPods will also be able to connect to monitors on the back of seats for users to play and watch their own video content.

This move comes just before Microsoft’s entrance into the market with its own portable media device: the Zune. Apple is, of course, the dominant player but hasn’t let that slow down the company’s push to be available and integrated everywhere and anywhere. Earlier this summer, it was announced that iPods could be used in new models of cars from Ford, General Motors, and Mazda.

Even if Microsoft has deep pockets, the late comer may find it difficult to find converts after Apple has proven so distinctly that success won’t slow down its innovation. For more details about the deal, check out Apple’s official press release.

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