Who’s Winning in Advertising? Google, Yahoo or Microsoft? Answer: Google

Microsoft & Google

The Big Three: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft always seem to be competiting for distribution of their online ads and services. But according
to this Wall Street Journal article (subscription required), Google is
leading the race with the recent announcement of a partnership between
Google and eBay.

The competitive playing field intensified around a year ago when the three companies were in talks with Time Warner about the much wanted search-advertising business of AOL. At the time, the three were still in somewhat of a race. But according to the WSJ, “Google appears to be walking away the clear winner, having landed pacts with AOL, eBay, Dell and News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media division, which owns MySpace.com.”

Check out the chart to the left, which illustrates where the Big Three sit with the top ten traffic sites, and draw your own conclusions…

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