The Google Cellphone: Now You Can Call Your Gmail Contacts

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Google today released new free software for users to use Gmail on
their cellphones. Previously, the only way to check your Gmail account
was to use your cellphone’s web browser, generally a more tedious way
to handle email. Google’s software is designed to be compatible with
more than 300 cellphones and is optimized for simplicity and ease of
use. Another bonus: no ads. Google product manager Tony Hsieh
explained, “We want to provide relevance and targeted ads, but with a
cellphone’s small screen and all that, it’s tricky.”

One nice new feature included is the ability to make a phone call by clicking on a contact in your Gmail contact list. Though some aren’t impressed by Google’s late arrival in the software cellphone market (rivals Yahoo and Microsoft have had downloadable cellphone applications for a while now), for many a Gmail fan (and let’s face it, there are millions of us out there), better late than never…

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