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I received my Google Spreadsheets invite this morning and began playing with converted Excel files. To start, here is a screenshot of the login screen (click on image for full size):


Next, here is an Excel document that was easily converted to Google Spreadsheets. I simply clicked, “File” and then “Open” and selected an Excel file from my computer. In a matter of seconds, it was open, ready to be edited, and autosaved online. This was my first indication that Microsoft should be worried… Take a look (click on image for full size):


Notice how on the right hand side, options are available for inviting friends to view your current document or to edit your document. Once someone is invited, they are listed there as your current “Editors” or “Viewers.” That same space can be used as the real-time chat window while you’re collaborating.

Here is a shot of the same window above but with the function option loaded. Though Microsoft Excel is a much more robust program, I was surprised to find so many available functions here (the list is quite long and has most the functions I used in Excel):


Here’s what happens if you lose your Internet connection while working. You can either discard your changes and reload or you can switch to “view only” mode, fix your Internet situation, and then get back to business:


And lastly, here is a screenshot of the Feedback page:


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