Dell Revamps Servers w/ New Intel Processor for Google to Resell

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Dell’s PowerEdge servers may be the first to use Intel’s new server processor, code-named “Woodcrest,” in part of a redesign effort for them to be ready to feature Google-branded logos. Woodcrest-based servers are expected to consume less power (by up to 25%) and provide higher performance.

This is the second deal within less than a month that Google and Dell have recently announced (the first being a cobranded Dell/Google site preinstalled with other Google software on Dell computers). The Google product that will be using these Dell servers (which Google calls “search appliancs”) is a bundle of hardware and software configured to help corporations search internal documents and databases. The current price is set around $30,000 a unit, though there is some speculation as to whether or not a price drop may occur due to this agreement between the two companies.

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