MIT’s $100 Laptop

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has plans to release a laptop that will cost only $100. The idea is for governments to pay the cost and then distribute the laptops to students. Five companies are working with MIT to develop the initial 5 million to 15 million test units within the year: Google, Advanced Micro Devices, News Corp., Red Hat and BrightStar. Though this project is primarily designed to work with governments for educational purposes, a commercial version of the laptop is in the works.

The laptop will be loaded with features found in products usually costing ten times the price including the capability for wireless internet access. Also, the laptop will be designed with a hand crank to be used as an alternative form of power in case outlets or batteries are unavailable. Below are some pictures of the prototype.

Updated: The green laptop below is the latest version as of November 17, 2005. Please see this article for the latest developments including responses from Microsoft and Dell about the project.

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