Microsoft has adequately taken a public notice with its new background noise suppression feature

Microsoft is all teams up to suppress the background noise that comes in video conferencing calls. Ahead of the outbreak of coronavirus, professional groups from different genres are directed to inhibit work from home. Use of Microsoft and Slack apps has grown higher during this phase. To keep the working schedule free from household discrepancies, Microsoft has come up with background noise suppression caricature.

Noise Suppression Pointer is an extension of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Staying on a conference call and having to mute it often had become the headache of most of the people working from home. Saving everyone from the embarrassing moment, Microsoft decides to power its video calling options with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. Robert Aichner, Microsoft Team demonstrated the ideas very clear on establishing a conference call.

The filter contained in the Artificial Intelligence will offer the users with a ‘real-time noise suppression’ pointer. Tapping it will suppress all the disturbing noises that often happen in a call. On top of it, the Microsoft portal will give display the pop-up windows where people can reply to conversations while continuing video call. Without the connection of the Internet, the new module of Teams can read chat conversations.

Coagulate meetings and schedule with the Microsoft new Teams

Notwithstanding the noise suppression feature, the Microsoft Teams introduced Bookings to arranging virtual meet-ups and alignment of meetings. The company is open for free six months’ subscription. As the company is witnessing low employee attendance over the pandemic situation that has come up across the globe, the advancement of this feature has increased the number of active users per day. From 32 million daily users, the company’s statistics have come up to 44 million users in different countries.

Microsoft has adequately taken a public notice with its new background noise suppression feature
Microsoft has adequately taken a public notice with its new background noise suppression feature

The new integrated features enshrined in the Microsoft Teams

If the active users are currently in the practice of the Microsoft Teams, the customers can find ‘noise suppression’, ‘RealWear Headset integration’ and, ‘ Raise Hand’. The first one transcends to offer a pleasant experience while undergoing a video call with officers at the workplace. The second one controls the schedules of hardworking workers. And, the third one, raise hand is for those participants who wish to raise a question in the video call or discussion via video calling. Apart from these three features, the users can take advantages of offline and low-connection assistance, Microsoft 365 Business Voice, Walkie Talkie and many more.

Bottom Line

Microsoft promises to lend these features sooner this year. There has been a steady growth in the participation of active users on March 18. The company’s higher authorities expect more number of customers with users to join the new version of Microsoft Teams. One thing which companies like Microsoft make clear that every bit of the world is joining hands with the government to shunt the paranoid activities of COVID-19. More number of tech companies should enunciate these features so that the working processes of the companies don’t fall off the roof.

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