10 games under 500 mb

10 Best PC Games Under 500MB-2021


In the past year, gaming has seen a surge in the Indian and the International market. Gaming has always been a recreational activity for many individuals around the world. However, with the emerging fame of streaming on platforms like Youtube and Twitch, people have found a way to earn from gaming. PC Games are games that can be installed and played on PCs easily. In this article, we will see the top ten PC Games under 500 MB storage option available in the market.

10 Best PC Games Under 500MB

1. War Wind II: Human Onslaught

This is an excellent strategy PC game. Initially, it might take time for you to get into it, but you will start loving it with time. War Wind II is all about air fights. This is probably why it has made it in the list of top 10 PC games under 500MB. Back in 1997, DreamForge Entertainment developed and released this game. In the same year, Strategic Stimulation Company published War Wind II.

Size of the game: 423MB
You can play it in 2D.
With a rating of 3stars, War Wind II has a low graphic.


War Wind II Human Onslaught


2. Drift Force Game

This is a phenomenal racing game that suits all your racing game preferences. It is suitable in all versions of windows, from Windows 10 to the rest. Learning this game is easy. However, you may require immense practice to ace it. Initially developed by Greyish Games, Drift Force can help you race in several ways.

Size of the game: 443MB
With a rating of 4.8 stars, Drift Force has excellent graphics.


Drift Force Game


3. Gone Home PC Game

Are you a fan of challenging games that questions your intelligence? Well, Gone Home PC Game, challenges your IQ. It is all about investigations at crime scenes. It also involves solving mysteries. To sum up, Gone Home demands players who have extensive intelligence and patience. Initially released in 2013, Gone Home PC Game was limited to OS X, Linux, and Windows. Developed by the Fullbright Company Blitworks, the game was upgraded later to play on Xbox and PlayStation 4.

Size of the game: 429MB
With a rating of 4.7 stars, Gone Home PC Game has outstanding graphics.


Gone Home PC Game


4. Rainbow Six Siege

This game is all about shooting and the military. The stunning graphics leaves a beautiful experience for the players. Initially launched in the year 1998, Red Storm entertainment developed this game for PCs only. You can play this game in single mode as well as multiple player mode.

Size of the game: 440MB
With a rating of 4 stars, Rainbow Six Siege has stunning graphics.


Rainbow Six Siege

5. Spider-Man 2000

Being one of the most loved video games of all time, you all must be familiar with Spider-Man 2000 since childhood. If you wish to be a kid again, you can try this game. Developed by Neversoft Company back in 1998, it was published in the year 2000 for PCs. Hence, this name. This game showcases the bravery and actions of the superhero Spiderman. Spider-Man 2000 is all about crimes and the superhero fighting and overcoming the hurdles with his extraordinary efforts.

Size of the game: 464MB
Spider-Man 2000 has lovely graphics as well.


Spider-Man 2000


6. Zombie Hobby VR

This game is a defence game supporting single player. It allows you to use all the ordinary objects like balls, bars, and guitars to kill zombies. Zombie Hobby comes in day and night modes as well to challenge its players. In 2017, Zombie Hobby VR was developed and published by the Point Light Games with low specs pcs.

Size of the game: 402MB
With a rating of 4.5 stars, Zombie Hobby VR has exceptional graphics.


Zombie Hobby VR


7. SimCity 3000 Game

This game includes the construction of buildings, houses, offices, and skyscrapers. You need to build an entire empire to earn a profit. Developed and published by Electronic Arts Company back in 1999, Sim City 3000 is a fantastic PC game.

Size of the game: 450MB
With a rating of 3.5 stars, SimCity has good graphics.


Sim City 3000 Game




8. Sniper: Path Of Vengeance

This game showcases a man who is walking in the “path of vengeance”. He is equipped with all the necessary weapons, while the player will control his movements. This man, the Sniper, is attacked by street thugs and lords. Sniper gets caught in the centre of the street where crimes take place. Designed by Mirage Media SC, the Sniper game is a one-player movie game.

Size of the game: 470MB
With a mild fan base, Sniper: Path Of Vengeance has superb graphics.


Sniper: Path Of Vengeance


9. Half-Life 2

This game is a shooting game and is known to many of us as it is quite old. Back in the year 2004, Valve Company developed this game. Half-Life 2 is involved in solving mind-blowing puzzles and shooting. The best part of this game is, you can play it on low specs windows without any trouble. In addition to it, Half-Life 2 does not require an Internet connection. Isn’t it amazing?

Size of the game: 436MB
Being one of the top PC games, Half-Life 2 delivers perfect graphics.

Half-Life 2


10. Minecraft

This game is an amazing adventurous game. Initially developed by the Mojang, Minecraft demands bearing buildings and all the materials required for constructing buildings and empires. The creator of this game, Marcus Notch, created this game in Java Programming to play on personal computers back in 2009.
Later in 2011, Minecraft was again officially released in 2011 by Jens Bergsten after developing it. You can now find this game on Microsoft Windows. Consequently, you can download it and play it on your PC. The best part of this game is that it comes with a Demo. Therefore, if you are new to this game and wondering how to play it, don’t worry anymore. With the demo, you can play this game easily even if you are a beginner.

Size of the game: 199-205MB
Occupying extremely little space on a PC or laptop, Minecraft has outstanding graphics.





These were the ten best PC games available under 500 MB. Among these, Minecraft and Sim City have to be given noticeable mentions because of their growing user base and popularity. War Wind is a great strategy game and is played widely. Sniper is an excellent alternative to PUBG, which has now been banned or restricted in some countries. These games vary in experience and operationality. You must check out all of them to gain a greater understanding.

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