Electronic Arts Starts Its Own Music Label: Artwerk

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Just last week we saw reports of how the music industry was in trouble (CD music sales down by 20% compared to last year), only to be followed by this week’s news: Electronic Arts wants in on the music label action. Of course, the company plans to operate its full-service music label differently when compared to your typical label.

The new label, called Artwerk, will be a joint venture between EA and Nettwerk One Music. It will sign and develop both new and established artists for publishing and recording deals. Artwerk plans on soliciting talent at least in part through a website where musicians can submit digital tracks.

The company will be based in Los Angeles and will provide both the digital and physical distribution. It will sell music via Apple’s iTunes, RealNetworks’s Rhapsody, and eMusic. Otherwise, it will negotiate on behalf of its musicians to get their music in movies, TV shows and video games.

Terry McBrid, CEO of Nettwerk One Music, sums up the move nicely: “It is time for the music industry to shake things up, break out new bands and find new ways to expose them on a global scale. Artwerk is music 2.0. It is where music, games and digital entertainment merge.”

Even though the label is LA-based, it will be actively pursuing talent all over the world.

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