Finally, a Good Alternative To PayPal

eBay & PayPal

Last year I wrote an article called Putting the “Pay” in PayPal, which was mostly an expression of frustration at how eBay and PayPal were being a bit heavy-handed, pushing sellers to upgrade their free PayPal Personal accounts to PayPal Premier in order to accept credit card payments for eBay purchases. I have no problem paying a fee to do this, but once you have upgraded, you must pay the same fee on all money received into that account (credit card or otherwise). Lame. That article appears to have touched a nerve, because it has received more comments that almost any other article on this site.

I have recommended using BidPay as an alternative, and I still think they do a good job of looking out for the seller. But BidPay charges almost as much as PayPal for their transaction fees (a little over 2.5%). It’s still a little frustrating to have to pay a fee for transactions that don’t involve credit cards.

Now there is a better option for eBay sellers that trumps BidPay and PayPal both. It’s called PayPay. Apparently, they only charge the seller a fee when they
are paid with a credit card. You can send money (upload) to your PayPay account from your bank account in any bank of the world. You can also receive money to your PayPay account from those who are not registered with PayPay. Finally, a sensible alternative to PayPal.

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