Study: Web News Readers Spend More Online Than Average Online Shoppers

Tech News

A new study out this week claims that users that browse newspaper websites are more likely to be online shoppers. Newspaper website browsers apparently spend quite a bit more online than your average online shopper. Readers are more likely than other Internet users to spend “upwards of $1,000 online annually.”

This is definitely good news for companies like the New York Times, which announced this week a projected growth of 30% ($80 million) in Internet revenue for 2007. Otherwise, the New York Times and other similar publications have been met with falling circulation and poor advertising trends. There’s a reason the company didn’t feel the need to release total revenue projections and instead opted to give us only the good news of growth on the Internet.

“The media marketplace has been challenging in 2006, and we expect it will continue to be next year,” explained Chief Executive Janet Robinson. While that may be true for the traditional media marketplace, it looks as if the online media marketplace is doing quite well.

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