Dell New Ads: Trade In Speed & Price for “Personal”

Dell & HP

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that today Dell will launch an advertising campaign that shifts focus from computers’ tech specs to “more emotional elements,” pointing out how computers can be used for video-editing and gaming, etc.

Traditionally, companies like Dell have stuck to advertising campaigns
focusing on low price and speed. But apparently, as consumers increase
computer usage, the language they speak is in terms of functionality
(video editing, sharing music, playing online games) rather than in
terms of power (how fast, how much memory, how big is the hard drive,

Ro Parra, senior vice president for Dell’s home and small-business unit, explains how the “personal” computer needs to be the emphasis when communicating with consumers. This includes stressing Dell’s brand and downplaying price promotions. “The way people are utilizing PCs is changing dramatically,” he says. “We build exactly what you need and we personalize it for you.”

For being the largest computer company, Dell has been struggling with slowing consumer sales and market share declines. Parra also mentions that “Because we have [traditionally] focused on speeds and feeds and price, I don’t believe we have developed the brand as well as we could have.”

Dell will be using the tagline, “Purely You,” at the end of each commercial after showing a sales person on the phone helping a customer customize the perfect computer when the customer mentions the functions he needs (something like, “My kids are gamers and I’d like to do some video editing,” which the sales person is able to use to build a “Purely You” perfect computer).

Interestingly enough, this campaign comes a month after Dell announced a $100 million plan to improve service and support.

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