Take-Two & FTC Settle Over Sexual Content in Grand Theft Auto

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The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that a Federal Trade Commission case has been settled involving charges that the Take-Two game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas title didn’t warn of sexual explicit content.

The FTC explained that Take-Two and its Rockstar Games unit must “prominently disclose content relevant to a game’s rating, can’t misrepresent a rating or content descriptions, and establish a system for reviewing content when submitting a game to a rating authority.”

The Grand Theft Auto series of computer games has become extremely popular, at least partially due to its controversy revolving around violent and sexually suggestive content. But this specific title (San Andreas) was even more controversial because of sex scenes that were hidden in the game.

Once the content was disclosed, the game’s rating was changed from mature (17 and older) to adults-only, which in turn caused quite a few retailers to pull the game from store shelves.

Take Two has since released a patch to disable the extra content. The company agreed to recall all existing inventory of the game or change the disc label.

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