Weird Tech Gadgets That You Don’t Need – but Are Entertaining to Browse

The world of tech is ever evolving, so some of the inventions that come out are bound to be a flop. These tech gadgets are just a little more bizarre than your average. While you may not ever actually feel the need to rush out and get them, they are fun to browse and get a giggle out of. The Flypaper Robotic Clock Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish my alarm clock … [Read more...]

Is That Laptop Stolen?! Signs That Your Preowned Device Was Lifted

When searching for electronics to purchase, going with a pre-owned model can save you a bundle. Purchasing pre-owned comes with many risks, however. Some sellers have come by the electronics by less than ethical means. Fortunately, there are a few signs that you can watch out for to make sure that you aren’t purchasing stolen goods. The Price Is Notably Low People that … [Read more...]

How Tesla’s Autopilot Fatality May Affect the Future of Autopilot Tech

On May 7th, the first crash occurred while using Tesla’s autopilot feature. The company is saying that the crash occurred due to rare circumstances, but the fact that the crash happened may delay things a bit for autopilot tech. With 1.5 million miles logged for crash-free autopilot tech, the track record is impressive so far, but the fact that it occurred will be sure to fuel … [Read more...]