4 Medical Technologies That May Save Your Life

TweetThe Sidley Care The Sidley Care is a medical wearable that is primarily used across Europe at this point. The device goes beyond many of the wearables that are common right now, reading temperature, heart rate, atmospheric pressure, reminding patients to take medications, and detecting falls. The readings are immediately transmitted to a doctor’s tablet […]

wireless gaming headset

Every Avid Gamer’s Home Should Have These 3 Things

TweetIf you are a gamer, there are a few things that you should have to take your gaming to the next level. Remember that on this front, you really get what you pay for, so shelling out a few extra dollars can sometimes make all the difference to your comfort and gaming experience. Bring these […]

smell speaker

4 Reasons This Weird “Smell Speaker” May Be Just What You Need

TweetVapor Communications recently released a “scent speaker” called Cyrano that allows you to digitally select the scent that you wish to have the device diffuse. The device may seem a little weird, but it may just help you to control your mood via aromatherapy and pick and choose what your space smells like. While the […]


Scammy Sammy Goes to Text: Watch Out for These 4 Text Scams

TweetScams have been around since the dawn of time, so it should be no real surprise that scammers have adapted to the digital age. While we all expect to beware of unknown emails and malicious messages on our social media, however, a text seems innocuous enough. This is not always the case, however, some scammers […]

iphone improvements

The Decline in iPhone Sales May Cause These 3 Things to Happen

TweetFor the very first time since the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple announced that it sold fewer phones than in the same quarter last year. The company still sold 51 million phones, a not insubstantial amount by any means, but the fact remains that the sales went down instead of up. In an economy that […]


If You’re Photo Obsessed, You Need These 3 Gadgets

TweetTaking pictures has become easier than ever with smartphone cameras. For many, photography has become a way of life and a way to both express yourself and share it with the world. If you are photo obsessed, you probably already have a decent smartphone, but these tech additions can bring your photo love to the […]

amazon oasis

The Amazon Kindle Oasis Can Help You Up Your Reading Game in These 4 Ways

TweetThe Amazon Kindle is a bit pricy, but it is a premium device that is dressed to impress. If you are considering getting an e-reader for the first time or you want to upgrade your current model to something a little more modern, there are a few reasons that this one may be your weapon […]