Self Driving Car in the Works?

Tweet With technology improving the things that we use every day at an ever-increasing pace, our gadgets are getting smarter and smarter every year. While cars can now brake quickly using motion sensors and parallel park themselves, not much has been said for the obvious next step-until now. BMW is on board to make a […]


Head Case Nap Pillow Helps You Snooze on the Job in Style

Tweet Also known as the Ostrich Pillow, the Head Case pillow is designed to block out light and cushion your head so that you are able to sleep comfortably while sitting at a desk or table. To use the Head Case pillow, you simply insert your head and put your face on a horizontal surface. […]


Nerd Out Your Fishing Trip with Deeper FishFinder

Tweet Deeper FishFinder looks similar to a bobber, but is oh so much more! Deeper FishFinder links to your iPad, Tablet, or smartphone and tells you all sorts of things that you may want to know that will help you on your fishing excursion. The app has a fish activity calendar, sharing functions, weather information, […]


Facebook Introduces a Game Changer

Tweet Facebook’s newly introduced Instant Articles could be a game changer for the internet as a whole. Instead of having to be redirected to websites that often have difficulty loading and make it a hassle to get back to Facebook, it will now be possible to read the articles in full right on the Facebook […]


Tesla Solar Powered House Battery Saves Costs and Helps the Environment

TweetIf you want to help the environment, ensure against power outages, and save costs on electricity, the Tesla solar powered house battery-Powerwall- is for you. Powerwall charges using electricity generated with solar panels. Powerwall is simple to install and use, so anyone can live without the limitations of the power grid. Helps Avoid Peak Rates […]


This is Your Brain on….Lumosity

TweetLumosity is a San Francisco based company that provides an online brain training program. When you visit Lumosity’s website, you can find information about paying for a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription costs about $10, the yearly about $80. Lumosity claims that training every day, or at least several times a week, can […]


Digital Door Locks Up the Ante on Safety and Convenience

TweetThe future is here, making it more convenient and secure than ever before to lock your home. No longer do you have to settle for key-entry door locks, chains, and deadbolts-which can all be broken or picked by experts-now you can ensure your home and family’s safety by installing a digital, keyless, door lock. There […]


Massage Me Jacket Turns Game Play Into a Massage

TweetThe Massage Me jacket turns game play into a delightful massage for someone that is not playing the game. The jacket is compatible with a Playstation, making it fun for both the gamer and the massage recipient. The jacket is made of light neoprene material that will hold up to many massages, feel comfortable on […]