What are Smart TVS?

TweetThe main point that all smart TVs have in common is that they can get online. Online access on the TV! This means no more worrying about getting a separate device to access Netflix, YouTube, or any of the fun things that can be directly viewed on a computer. Besides the internet access, smart TVs […]


Smart Tech Toys for Kids

Tweet‘Tis the season to appease your curiosity and get some cool tech toys for your kids! There are plenty of smart choices that will encourage kids to interact and learn a little something while having fun. From drones, to robots, to the LeapPad Ultra 3, there is tech that can please all ages and interests […]


Seabreacher Ultimate Watercraft

TweetThe Seabreacher is a fantastic machine for those that wish to add an underwater experience to their watercraft fun. There are several different models of varying sizes and shapes and all are able to safely fully submerge. The Seabreachers are very unique in appearance and the different models are capable of varying speeds and functions. […]


Self Stirring Coffee Mug

TweetTechnology is forever improving our daily lives in ways both small and large. For those that like a hot beverage in the morning, but are constantly finding themselves pressed for time, this invention will help to make life a little less hectic. The self-stirring coffee mug can be a serious convenience for those that find […]


Instagram Growth Outpaces Twitter

TweetInstagram announced today that there are now over 300 million active users of the platform. This means that Instagram has officially surpassed Twitter in the number of active users. For several months, Instagram’s user growth has outpaced Twitter. In March, Instagram had about 200 million active users, so use of the platform has veritably exploded […]


Door Handle Sterilizer

TweetDoor handles are known to collect copious amounts of bacteria and viruses. Whether door handles lead to public restrooms, buildings, or homes, many would benefit from a system that could provide automatic sanitization. That dream is now a reality, as the designers at Choi Bomi have crafted a door handle with a unique sterilization system. […]


Apple Watch

TweetIt has been a few months since the Apple Watch was unveiled with a promise to be released in spring of 2015. The fashion and tech worlds have both gone nuts with speculation over how the watch will do on the consumer market and critiques on what the watch could do better. The Apple Watch […]


Brainwave Animated Cat Ears

TweetIt you are looking for a funny gift for the techy on your list that has everything, these Brain Wave Animated Cat Ears are for you! The ears wiggle, droop, or perk up based on the emotions of the wearer. Brain Wave Animated Cat Ears are perfect for holiday parties and family gatherings, and will […]