The Next Generation of Home Game Systems

TweetThe major players in the home gaming system world are all coming out with new and exciting systems right now. This is incredible, because it hasn’t happened that way in a long time, but it can make gamers that like to have the newest of the bunch heads’ spin. It may be wise to review […]

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Is That Laptop Stolen?! Signs That Your Preowned Device Was Lifted

TweetWhen searching for electronics to purchase, going with a pre-owned model can save you a bundle. Purchasing pre-owned comes with many risks, however. Some sellers have come by the electronics by less than ethical means. Fortunately, there are a few signs that you can watch out for to make sure that you aren’t purchasing stolen […]

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What You Should Know About HP’s New Cloud Optimized Laptops

TweetHP has unveiled two new laptops that will be released at the end of August and the beginning of September. The new laptops are not a move to be the “best of the best”, but are instead geared toward make cloud streaming and WiFi use as efficient as possible. Before purchasing one of these laptops, […]


3 Big Changes Shaking Up Streaming Services

TweetStreaming services are making it possible for thousands to “cut the cord” with cable and enjoy television on their own terms for much cheaper. Users of smart TVs and streaming devices like the Roku have gotten used to familiar app-style channels offering content, but there are a few changes that have come to the streaming […]

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Gadgets for the Office That Will Make You Smile

TweetUSB Utility Charge Tool This Swiss Army knife inspired tool has a charger for all of your devices. The charger heads conveniently fold into a plastic sleeve so that you don’t have to keep multiple messy cords hanging out all over your desk to make sure that all of your devices stay charged. Since the […]

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What You Should Know About Tesla’s New Gigafactory

TweetTesla opened a Gigafactory in Nevada just last week and allowed the media to crawl around in it. The factory is operational, but only a small portion of its grandeur is yet complete. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and world-renowned sustainability genius is hedging Tesla’s future on the Gigafactory and is very excited about this newest […]