3 Reasons You Need “Lantern” In Your Life

TweetLantern is a super high powered flashlight that can light up just about any space. The lantern can be easily light up a room, work well as a bike headlight, and then fit right in your pocket for easy portability. Lantern is designed to be military grade, so it is extremely durable and built to […]


What You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

TweetPokemon Go has circled the globe and caused a veritable phenomenon. People of all ages and walks of life have gotten out of the house and walked into their towns, inspired to find the next Pokemon but witnessing beauty and nature and neighbors along the way. Unfortunate events have also transpired because of some people’s […]

security cameras

Worried About Home Security? These 3 Tech Tools Can Give You Peace of Mind

TweetEveryone worries about home security on some level. Whether you wish to keep your belongings from getting stolen or you are worried about harm coming to your family, it can help to have some measures in place to ensure that your home is safe and secure. Tech innovations are making it easier than ever for […]

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How Tesla’s Autopilot Fatality May Affect the Future of Autopilot Tech

TweetOn May 7th, the first crash occurred while using Tesla’s autopilot feature. The company is saying that the crash occurred due to rare circumstances, but the fact that the crash happened may delay things a bit for autopilot tech. With 1.5 million miles logged for crash-free autopilot tech, the track record is impressive so far, […]

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Is Less News Good News? 3 Ways Facebook’s Feed Priority Change Will Shake Things Up

TweetFacebook is a continuously changing beast and the managers are behind the scenes always trying to figure out how to make the user experience better for everyone. A few weeks ago, Facebook made the announcement that user feeds would now prioritize content posted by friends and family, rather than by news sites and companies. While […]

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What Facebook and Google Are Doing to Stop Extremist Videos

TweetExtremist videos that have been posted on the web have shocked and disgusted people that have accidentally viewed them, caused outrage, and been used as a tool to rally other extremists. Since Facebook and YouTube are two of the places on the internet where videos are viewed most often, Facebook and Google (who owns YouTube) […]


Innovative New Gadgets That Make It Easy to Check Temperatures

TweetWhether we are checking the temperature of our body or our food it is always nice to have an easy way to do so. Times have changed since the old mercury filled thermometer was the only tool available. Now there are plenty of different gadgets that make it simple to check temperatures in seconds so […]