Oco Camera Helps You Keep Tabs on Your Place

Tweet The Oco camera is a small, easy to set up, easy to use device that can give you peace of mind and help you keep track of your most prized possessions and investments. As the camera takes video, the video is automatically uploaded to The Cloud, where the footage is held for 24 hours. […]


SMART kapp Digital White Boards Take Business Meetings to the Next Level

Tweet In the past, white dry erase boards were used to brainstorm, share ideas, and convey messages during business meetings. Now that technology has progressed, a smarter medium is needed to get the more elaborate and technical points across. This is where the SMART kapp comes in. Appearance and Function The board looks similar to […]


Aros Smart Air Conditioner

Tweet The Aros Smart Air Conditioner can help to cool your home while not costing you a fortune. As the name suggests, the air conditioner can be controlled using a smartphone, even linking to a phone’s GPS signal so that the air conditioner turns on and off according to your proximity to the home. This […]


Blast Your Fly Problem with the Bug-a-Salt

Tweet With pesky flies cropping up all over the place now that summer is jamming, you may want to take your fly-swatting to the next level. This is where Bug-a-Salt comes in handy. The salt-firing miniature shotgun can blast flies within an accuracy range of three feet, bringing a little sport to your insect blasting. […]


eTape16 Makes Measuring Easy

Tweet Taking measurements can be a hassle with old school measuring tapes. It’s tough to get around corners and difficult to gauge exactly where the line is. Mistakes can be costly, as well, causing you to accidentally cut pieces too short or waste materials. The eTape16 reduces the potential for errors by displaying a digital […]


Casper Bowden Mourned by Tech Industry

Tweet Casper Bowden was the co-founder and director of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, a think tank in the U.K. Bowden frequently rallied against what he saw as intrusions into the lives of tech users by companies and governments. As a major advocate for a better future in regards to the digital lives of […]