Web 2.0 for Eating Smarter

Web 2.0

“The Daily Plate is an online destination focused on all things food. [Their] mission is to help you eat smarter by allowing you to get quick and
easy access to comprehensive nutritional information on the food that
you eat. You can search for food items, view healthy alternatives and
track what you eat on a daily basis (from The Daily Plate site).”

The main objective of the Daily Plate “is to
promote healthy eating each and everyday. The Daily Plate was not
created to make you stick to the latest diet or exercise fad.” The concept revolves around the idea that although dieting and exercise are key components to healthy living,
can often fail because they are too difficult to follow or don’t include the necessary encouragement.

So the goal of the site is to educate
empower users to make good eating and exercise decisions on their own
while providing them with support from The Daily
community. The site is relatively new and in beta but still has plenty of features and a decent sized community (over 18,000 registered users).

One of the best features is the meal tracking. “Tracking what you eat each day is not
the easiest thing. There are printed journals, online journals but they
are not very easy to use. We want to change that and provide the
easiest way to track what you eat. Our answer? MyPlate.
Every food item you find on the site has a big green “I Ate This!”
button. As you use it, you’ll find that we’ve made counting calories
(and protein, and fat, and cholesterol, and…) as easy as a click!”

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now as a way to track my
sugar intake. While it took some clicking around to understand where to
set weight goals, most of it was quite intuitive. I highly recommend
the site for anyone who needs to track their diet for any reason.

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