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So you may have noticed a few changes around the site, and I thought I’d comment on them here. First on the list, we moved anything navigation oriented to the left sidebar (RSS, search, etc.) while reserving the right sidebar for sponsors and ads. Beforehand, we had a mix of navigation and ads on both sidebars, which seemed confusing at best.

We’ve also joined the MyBlogLog community and have added a widget (bottom left) which shows the last five visitors. If you’re not familiar with MyBlogLog (which, incidentally, was acquired by Yahoo! recently for $10 million), you may want to check it out. It’s a cool service which takes social networking to another level through connecting blog authors and communities with each other.

And lastly, we’ve added a banner for (bottom right), a non-profit organization focused around the Nobel Peace Prize winning concept of microfinancing (see our coverage of here). Basically, you can loan money in small increments (as little as $25) to entrepreneurs / small business owners in developing countries. You choose which small business you want to loan to and your small loan gets pooled together with other small loans. And then 100% of the funds go to the small business owner.

As always, we love feedback. Email us here if you have any comments or suggestions (or just leave a comment on this post).

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