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Do-It-Yourself Tech or CSB is a website in the business of gathering all the best online deals or coupons from popular companies such as Amazon,
Best Buy, Dell, etc. The site is similar in nature to (a widely popular deal gathering site) but has some significant advantages.

For one, the layout is clean and simple and avoids the too-much-clutter problem often associated with deal gathering sites. The main viewing pane lets you easily switch from “Full View” (the default) to “Headlines Only View” which, as the name implies, shows a condensed view of the most current deals. This is a feature I’d like to see implemented more on practically any site that provides daily information.

The site is well organized and allows you to browse by computer categories (monitors, printers, etc.), electronics categories (digital cameras, TVs, etc.), or popular stores (Circuit City, Target, etc.). I was especially impressed with the Dell Coupons section, as I’m a fan of Dell even if mostly for the crazy deals I’ve been able to find (previously through searching But the Dell section at CSB seems to have a fairly extensive list with some great deals, possibly eliminating the need to go Dell-deal hunting elsewhere (well, not really, if you’re like me, you make sure you have the best deal in town every time by checking at least a few sources).

The site also has a Co-Op section where buyers can get together and try to negotiate even better deals for bulk purchases. Cool idea, even if my cheapskate-ness usually ends after some quick deal hunting. Bottom line: For quick, easy-to-find online deals and coupons, is another source worth checking out.

Disclaimer: The owner of did contact me and compensate me for reviewing the site. I accept compensation for reviews only with the understanding that I will openly state any such agreement and be as candid as I please in any review.

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